Sunday, July 17, 2011

The love for Sahana

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Thanks to my dad, I got some knowledge about Carnatic songs and was able to tell the ragas of some songs when heard then. Though I listen to all ragas, there is always a special love for Sahana. As my readers may not know about Carnatic songs. I will take you through Tamil and Malayalam cinema songs and teleserial songs based on Sahana.

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1.Pathiniye unpol
Singer: PU Chinnappa
Movie: Kannagi
Composer: SV Venkataraman
Year: 1942
                                  PU Chinnapa has the crown as the first singer to sing Sahana in cinema. PU Chinnappa and MK Thiagaraja Bhagavadhar are very proficient in Classical singing. The flawless rendition is the must hear.

2.Thamiye Painthamizh
Singer: MK Thiagaraja Bhagavathar
Movie: Sivakavi
Composer: Papanasam Sivan
Year: 1943
                                  MKT is a prolific singer on par with great classical singers of yesteryear.  Papanasam Sivan is called as Thyagarajar of Tamil. A Sahana of their combination is classic. Such a sweet song. No video or audio of the song is available in web. Will upload once it is uploaded in youtube.

3.Udal uruga
Singer: Bharata Ratna MS Subbulakshmi
Movie: Meera
Composer: SV Venkataraman
Year: 1945
                                 MS Subbulakshmi's Ragamalika. Anything from her is precious. And a Sahana from her is even more precious for me. It is a Ragamalaika and the Sahana part of the song is from 1:07 to 1:51.

5.Ennamellam Or Idathaye naduthe
Singer: TM Sundararajan
Movie: Thirumanam
Composer: SM. Subbiah Naidu
Year: 1958

                                 Such a beautiful rendition. The way TMS sings "Thaen endhum malaraagi  vaan endhum nilavagi sindhai kavarndhidudhe" is simply superb. Hear and get drenched in Sahana

6.Engo Pirandhavaram
Singer: P Susheela
Movie: Bommai
Composer: S.Balachandar
Year: 1963
                                 P Susheela in her early days. Such a sweet voice for Sahana. The song took the classical form of Sahana and is very good to hear.  

7.Maranthai enni kalangidum Vijaya
Singer: Seergazhi Govindarajan
Movie: Karnan
Composers: Vishwanathan Ramamurthy
Year: 1963
                               A ragamalika from Seerkazhi Govindarajan. Sahana part of the song is from 0:43 to 1:34. A 53 seconds of delight.

7.Parthen Sirithen
Singers: PB Srinivas, P Susheela
Movie: Veera Abhimanyu
Composer: KV Mahadevan
Year: 1965
                                 Well! The trademark song. Many would say the best cine song on Sahana. KV Mahadevan is such a legend, he used PB Srinivas and P Susheela, the sweetest voices of then. Such a rendition. Kannadasan's lyrics is a great plus for the song. The lines flow in your ear like honey. One can't leave this song when they discuss about Sahana.

8.Nee enge
Singer: P Susheela
Movie: Mannippu
Composer: SM Subbiah Naidu
                                Susheela and Chitra sang many songs in Sahana. This is one among them. Saram part of this song is Sahana.

8.Athi nathan ketkindran
Singer: S Janaki, TM Sundararajan
Movie: Ganga Gowri
Composer: MS Viswanathan
Year: 1973
                                If P Susheela did wonders with Sahana, this song is S Janaki's turn. Such beautiful singing.

9.Aagayam Mazha pozhinja
Singer: Vani Jayaram
Movie: Dhikkatra Parvathi
Composer: Veenai Chittibabu
                               All the fantastic female singers have crowned Sahana. It is Vani amma's turn. This song is not entirely Sahana. It is a Ragamalika of Ragas Anandha Bhairavi, Behag, Sahana and Neelambari. The Sahana part is from 1:47 to 2:30.    

10.Ennadi Naanamendru anaippan
Movie: Ananda Bhairavi
Composer: R.Ramanaujam
Year: 1978
                               No video or audio format of the song is available in the net. Will upload the song once it is uploaded in the internet.

10.Unnal Mudiyum thambi Nadhaswaram bit
Performer: Karaikuruchi Arunachalam
Movie: Unnal Mudiyum Thambi
Year: 1988
                               Ilaiyaraaja, the legend knows where to fit a music. The legend who is acclaimed as "King of BGM" used this piece of late Karaikurichi Arunachalm wisely. The scene will be like Gemini Ganesan will send Kamalhasan from home. Kamal's brother will play this bit for him. Will make anyone to cry. There isn't a single song in Sahana from Ilaiyaraaja till now.
10.Indha veenaiku theriyadhu
Singer: Chitra
Serial: Rail Sneham
Composer: VS Narasimman
Year: 1992
                               KB's favourite raga- Sahana. That is why he named one of his serials as Sahana. Chitra being good in classical, she has sung the song very beautifully.

11.Andha veenaiku theriyadhu
Singer: KJ Yesudas
Serial: Rail Sneham
Composer: VS Narasimman
Year: 1992
                               Tamils have to be destined to Kerala for giving us great singers. KJ Yesudas, Chitra, Sujatha and the list follows. The male version of the song.

12.Rukku Rukku 
Singers: Kamal Haasan, Sujatha
Movie: Avvai Shanmugi
Composer: Deva
Year : 1996
                              Kamal Haasan, a singing pro himself, in female voice is the highlight of the song. Good to hear.