Saturday, June 8, 2013

Black is bright Black is beautiful

               "What is black?" "Presence of no colour" - said a Chinese. "Dark. Ghost color. Color of freaking Africans" - said an American. "Color of losers." -said an English. "Color of King Kong" -said a European kid. "Color of us. The Bright black" - said a Jamaican. "Color of Mani" - said a stranger.

A week before at midnight 2 AM
               A black body moved towards the wardrobe. The wardrobe is filled with more Fairness cream than dress. The body picked a Fair and handsome tube from wardrobe and went to washroom. The body removed its dress. It started to apply Fairness cream to its entire body like applying bath soap. One can see the curiosity of becoming white or dislike or hatred of being black.

               The house looks like a bachelor accommodation. The same where the black person lives. It has a living room with two beds and also a bedroom with two beds. There is no one in the living room. One guy is present in the bedroom. Satheesh, his name. He is seeing, "Fire in Babylon" - a docu film on West Indies cricket. One of the players was saying, "Black is Bright, Black is beautiful." The person seeing this is not a West Indian though. He seems like an Indian. He turns back and starts to say about the black guy.
               "Who Mani? He is a kind hearted and jovial person. He won't become serious for anything. We used to tease him a lot. He will take them easy. Very nice guy. But some thing is not going good for him these days. I scolded him. Infact I humiliated him. I shouldn't have done that.
               During the initial days, he used to come from office. He used to hear some songs. He talked to his home. We had jovial discussions. It was last week when I saw that. I used to see one fair and handsome tube a day in our dust bin. I didn't know this black, sorry Mani used to do this. Last week,it was..."

A week before at midnight 2:19 AM
               Satheesh found that the wash room is occupied. He adjusted the AC to 18 deg. Mani came out of the washroom with a towel and fairness cream was applied on its entire body.

               "What is this Mani?", asked Satheesh.
               "Haven't you slept anna?"
               "What is this Mani? Why all these?"
               "I too have to become color right? Look at me. My complexion is as good as yours now. If I go out to street now. The Filipino girls will fall for me."
               "Is that you the reason for the fair and handsome tube I see daily in the bin?"
               "Yes, I have to beat Vignesh's complexion in a year. If things go like this, I will in couple of months." (Laughs loudly and moves towards mirror)

               "I don't understand why he did like that. I came to know he was doing like this for past two months. He did it in midnight so no one can make fun of him. Being the eldest person here, I had to do some thing. I was not able to bear his abnormal activities. I humiliated him. I shouldn't have done that. He was not speaking with me for these three days. Not with others in the room as well. But somebody had to stop him. I did that. He won't be mute for so many days. He has to live with us for eleven months a year. He will talk to us."
               There is another person sitting in living room. He iss black in color. Will he be Mani?
                "Mani is a mad. A complete package of madness. I'm Kathirvel.  The person who had the patience to share his room for these four months. He is a mad definitely. See that mirror, whenever he crosses that mirror, he stops and sees his face for three minutes. That black moron crossed the mirror for every five minutes. I didn't understand how he could see his worst face for long hours. The way Satheesh humiliated him is correct. He deserved it. I accept at any instant that I am not so white. Infact I am brighter than Mani. Did you know how he tortured me?"

In car while going to office,
Mani bringing his hand closer to Kathirvel, "See today I'm whiter than you."

While coming out from washroom,
              "You cannot come closer to my color. See your color is like a crow."

In office room,
              "Good Morning, sir. How are you? See the extra glow in my face."

In Khor Fakkan Beach
              "One more year. Vignesh will look less white than me."

In nearby hotel,
              "Look at me. I am looking whiter than this egg."

              "Not easy to tolerate him. He thinks that he is whiter than me. He even convinced me sometimes. Black dick. Sorry. Black dash. Satheesh gave him correct treatment. Will he open his mouth to talk about color here after? Will he ever use fairness cream once again? He will not."

Another person comes in. Whitest of the three. He should be Vignesh.

              "Who?  Mani? He is such a nuisance. I don't know how one can survive with him. Then what? See! He thinks I am superior to him in office only because of color. How could I be in this position only because of being white? He will bring his hands near my hands now and then. I came to know that he was doing this to see his color tone.

He has literally become mad. Why literally? He has become mad. I came to know. Sorry, we came to know this when he spoke to me like that."

Three days back,
             "Vignesh! Vignesh!  Get up.", shouted Mani infront of sleeping Vignesh.
             "Get up you white pig."
             "Hey! Watch your words. I am your superior."
             "That and all in office, you white pig."
             "Are you drunk?"
             "If you are white, is it there that you can get a promotion every year?"
             "Don't raise your voice. You bastard. Sick fish."

Hearing this Satheesh and Kathirvel came from other room.

             Satheesh interrupted Mani," Hey Mani! What is this?"
             "I didn't drink at all."
             "Then why all these?"
             "If one is white in color and has good use of English, is he a superhero? See me. I am applying two tubes of Fair and handsome a day. I will also be a superhero in a year or so. I too know English (turns his face towards Vignesh) you white dog." (Opens the wardrobe and applies fairness cream like bath soap)
            "What is this Mani?", asked Satheesh.
            "I have to overtake this white dog."
            "Mani!! Stop this!! Are you a mad? Look, a buffalo will not become a cow if it is painted white."
            "You too Anna." Mani cried and shouted. He immediately made a call.
            "Mom. This is Mani. Yeah, from Abudhabi. Mom! Please see a white girl for me to marriage. Atleast my child be white.".

           "Vignesh! He seems normal now. Let me go and talk to him.", said Satheesh.
Satheesh moved towards next room. Mani was seeing some Bob Marley song.
           "Mani. Come lets go out to eat."
           "In couple of minutes.", replied Mani.
 On the way to hotel,
           Mani takes his hand towards Vignesh and says, "See! Color has increased a bit."    
           "Not again."
           "Leave it. Come on. Hey! You give a try to become as black as me. I give you two years time." All laughs.
Three days before    
          "Mom. This is Mani."
          "Yeah, from Abudhabi. Mom! Please see a white girl for me to marriage. Atleast my child will be white.".
           Mani walked towards the mirror and started to cry. He opened the wardrobe. He took the fairness cream tube and threw them out of windows.
Few minutes before
           Mani started to talk to himself, "Vignesh! The only bad thing in his life is to be my room mate. Why I spoke like that? Will he talk to me again? Kathirvel! He will never ever talk with me here after. I had a great respect for Satheesh. Will he ever talk to me again?"
            Satheesh came from his room and asked, "Mani. Lets go out to eat."

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

அன்பின் விலை சுழியம்

அன்பு விலைமதிப்பற்றதா?
அழகிய சிரிப்பு
கனிவான பேச்சு
நல்ல மனம்
ஊக்குவிக்கும் வார்த்தை
ஆறுதல் சொல்
கைகொடுக்கும் கை
முகம் சுழிக்காது உதவி
துயர் துடைக்கும் பாசம்
இவையாவும் விலையின்றி
அன்பின் விலை சுழியம்