Tuesday, December 24, 2013

மேகம் ஆண் நிலம் பெண்

நண்பர் ஒருவருக்காக ஒரு மழை காதல் பாடல் எழுதும் வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்தது. மேகத்தை ஆணாகவும் நிலத்தை பெண்ணாகவும் மழைத்துளியை காதலாகவும் ஆக்கிவிட்டேன்.


பெண்: துளி துளி மழைத்துளி
             மேகம் சிந்தும் மழைத்துளி
             இதுதான் இங்கே காதல் வார்தை
ஆண் : துளி துளி மழைத்துளி
             நிலம் தொடும் மழைத்துளி
             அடடா அதுதான் சுக வார்த்தை


பெண்: பார்க்காமல் தொலைதூரம் நிற்கும்
             வான்மேகம் இவன் தானோ
ஆண் : முத்தம் தான் பூமிக்கு தந்தேன்
              இதமான மழையாய் காதல்

சரணம் 1

ஆண்: அன்பே உன் தோளினில் பட்டு
             ஏதேதோ நானும் ஆனேன்
பெண்: நீயும் தான் இதழினை தீண்ட
             என்னுள் சொர்க்கம் அன்பே
ஆண் : சுவர்கத்தில் வந்து நானும்
             உன்னுள்ளே சேரலானேன்
பெண்: நீயும் தான் என்மேல் வந்தால்
             நகமும் புன்னகை பூக்கும்
ஆண் :மழை தந்து உன்னை தீண்டியேதான்
             என்னை இங்கு நானும் நன்கு உணர்ந்தேன்
             எந்தன் அணு எல்லாம்
             மெல்ல சிரித்திட
             புகைப்படம் எடுத்து நானும் தருவேன்
பெண் :அருகில் அருகில் நீ வந்திட
             உருகி உருகி தினம் வேண்டுவேன்
             நனைந்து நனைந்து உள்ளம் நிறைந்திட
             காதல் பிச்சை நானும் கேட்கிறேன்
ஆண் :அட காதல் ராணி துளி கண்ணீர் வேண்டாம்
              தினம் தினம் நானும் அடைமழை தருகிறேன்

சரணம் 2

ஆண் : எந்தன் உயிர் காதலை
               நீயும் தான் அறிந்தாயோ
பெண் : எந்தன் சிறு பூக்களும்
              உன்னிடம் சொல்லிடும் காதல்
ஆண் :  எந்தன் சிறு தூரலை
               உனக்காக நானும் தந்தேன்
பெண் : எந்தன் சிறு புருவமும்
               அழகாய் ஆட்டம் ஆடும்
ஆண் : உன்னில் நானும் ஒன்று சேர்ந்தது
              வரும் அந்த வாசம் என்னை ஈர்க்கும்
              மீண்டும் மீண்டும் வந்து
               காதல் தினம் செய்து
               மனமும் மனதில் பதிந்து நின்றேன்
பெண் :உயிரே உயிரே நீ வந்திடு
              எனக்கு எனக்கு காதல் தந்திடு
              நீயும் நானும் சேரும் சாட்சியே
              வீசுகின்ற மண்வாசமே
ஆண் : குழப்பம் வேண்டாம்
              வருத்தம் வேண்டாம்
              மண்வாசம் நம் காதல் சொல்லட்டும்

Sunday, December 8, 2013

எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா

சஹானா ராகத்தில் அமையுமாறு எழுதியது. விரைவில் பாட்டும் இணைக்கப்படும்.

எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
கேட்கிறதா கேட்கிறதா

சரணம் 1:
வள்ளியுடன் சோலையில் இருப்பாயோ
நீ அப்பனுக்கு பாடம் உரைப்பாயோ
எந்தன் கூக்குரல் தான் கேட்டிடுமோ
நீயும் வந்து என்னை பார்பாயோ

எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
கேட்கிறதா கேட்கிறதா

சரணம் 2:
பழனியில் தேரினில் போவாயோ
செந்தூரில் சூரனை அழிப்பாயோ
எந்தன் மனத்தேரினில்  வருவாயோ
உள்ளிருக்கும் சூரனை அழிப்பாயோ

எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
கேட்கிறதா கேட்கிறதா

சரணம் 3:
சரவண பொய்கையில் இருப்பாயோ
என்னுள் நீ வர மாட்டாயோ
பாலபிஷேகம் தான் அறிவாயோ
என் கண்ணீர் உன்மேல் விழவில்லையோ

எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
எந்தன் ஓலம் கேட்கிறதா முருகையா
கேட்கிறதா கேட்கிறதா

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Wedlock

April 28, 2012
             "Is she sleeping?"
             "Good. The cake is ready. Come let us stick the decorative stickers."
             "She made superb arrangements for Ramya's birthday.We have do go one step ahead for her.", said one of Subha's friends. Subha had not slept. She was hearing all these. A happiness hearing all these about the preparations for her birthday. Who will sleep at 11:45 PM in this particular day? Most of the people do so to get to know how people think about them and do stuff for them for their birthdays.
               Clock turned 12. Ramya came to wake up Subha. Ramya went close to Subha's ear and said, "Happy birthday Subha." Subha said, "Hmm" and turned herself 180 degrees.
              "What Hmm? Get up see who are all came."
               Subha continued to act as she was deeply sleeping.
               "Subha. Wake up."
               Subha opened her eyes suddenly and got up. Ramya hugged her. Friends who had come there wished her and the birthday celebrations went well.

April 29, 2012 7:30 AM Sunday
             Subha's phone started to ring. Subha who was sleeping well picked the phone.
              "Happy birthday Subha.", wished her father Krishnan.
              "Thank you dad."
              "Had your breakfast?"
              "No, dad. Just woke up."
              "Okay. Go to temple today."
              "Sure, dad."
              "And you have turned 24."
              "Yes.", laughed Subha
              "I wish your twenty fifth birthday will be with your husband."
              "No haste dad. I am planning for my MBA."
              "Subha. Your mom married me when she was 32. She did not want your wedding to be postponed. Late wedding has its own drawbacks. Mark my words as it come from your own father."
              "No dad."
              "I am giving phone to mom."
              "Subha!! Happy birthday. Wear that yellow saree which I couriered you. Go to Birla mandir and pray to Narayana."
             "Thanks mom. I will do."
             "I hope you understood what dad have conveyed."
             "Mom, but."
             "Don't worry. We shall discuss on your next visit here. Some one else is calling. I will call you back."

Subha got ready and went to temple as instructed by her mother. Her mind was wavering. Subha, a easy go lucky girl. She likes to be with fiends all the time. She wants atleast two to three people to sit around her. She is a chatter box. She never thought about wedding till date. She was preparing for CAT and GMAT exams.She had some personal goals and she was very well in line towards her goals. The wedding talks made her confused.
The next day
            "Ramya. My parents are planning for my wedding."
            "Super de."
            "What is super in it? I don't want to marry now.  You know about my MBA plans."
            "Yes, I do. But why not? Subha, it is not easy for a woman to set goals and go through it in this particular age. Of course parents will think to settle her girl child by doing wedding for her. This is India. Did you say your plan?"
           "I said. Of course, they do know this before."
           "But why they want you to get married now?"
           "My mom is worried. She thinks I will also get married late like her."
           "You take your time. It is your life."

Subha's parents did not speak about wedding still her GMAT and CAT exams got over. Subha went to her hometown to see her parents. She took vacation for a week. She had her breakfast and sat in the sofa wither her mom and dad.
          "Subha. I have a friend here in Coimbatore. You do not know him and I haven't said about him to you as well. He know you well. He has seen you in Pavithra's wedding last year."
          "Is he coming here?"
          "No. What I am coming to say is, he has a son. His name is Deeraj."
          "Dad.....", Subha understood what her father coming to say.
          "Brilliant girl. You got my point,"
          "Why are you doing like this?"
          "See. I am fifty nine already. I don't want to wait longer to see my daughter's  wedding."
          "Dad. I have just finished my CAT exam. I will definitely get into IIMs."
          "Okay. But I have to wait for two more years. You will also be two years older. Will you marry immediately after your MBA? Definitely not. You will be atleast four years older from now. I as a parent want you to see as an MBA. I also don't want to see my daughter getting married late. Deeraj is a nice guy. I don't know if I can get another Deeraj after five or six years."
         "Give me some time to decide, dad".
         "Take your own time upto day after tomorrow morning", said Krishnan.
         "Look Subha. We asked you about wedding after your engineering. You said you wanted to see how to be far from home. We said yes. At the age of playing with grandchildren, taking them to school and helping them in studies, we are having a daughter of 24. I will be a proud mother to see my daughter as an MBA. But. I think you would have understood what I am trying to say."
        Subha was confused. As an independent woman she wanted to pursue her MBA. But as a daughter of her parents, she wanted to go by their words. She is their only child as well.

After 2 days,
        "Dad and Mom."
        "Yes Subha", replied her mom.
        "I don't want you to wait longer."
        "Come.", called her mom. She opened the vessel and fed Subha with a spoon of sugar. Tears came out of her. Krishnan went to pooja room and did a namaskaram.
        "Shall I call Raman?", asked Krishnan.
        "Yes, dad"
Krishnan called Raman
        "Hello. Raman. My daughter Subha has come for vacation. I said about your interest. She said yes. Today is apt day to start wedding talks. If you come by evening, you can see my daughter and we can confirm the wedding dates."

Subha still had confusion. The two girls inside her, MBA girl and the daughter fought hard. MBA girl succeeded some times and the daughter succeeded some times. Since daughter had emotional support, it always had the upper hand. The fight happened continuously.

          Raman came with his wife.
          "I saw your daughter in Pavithra'swedding. She is brilliant and caring. Even tall. Perfect match for Deeraj."
         "My husband said that you liked her and wanted Deeraj to marry her.", replied Subha's mom.
         "She sang a song in the Anthakshari. Wow. Beautiful."
         "She learnt music. I taught her Barathanatiyam as well.  She is really good dancer. She danced in her school, college and fine arts functions in Peelamedu."
         "Does she dance as well? Great."
         "Shall we see her?"
Subha came to hall. She wore the yellow saree which her mom bought for her birthday. She was like a goddess. Any parent with a son for wedding would like to make her their daughter-in-law. Subha came and got blessings from the elders.
          "I am Raman. I am very straight forward person. I saw you in Pavi's wedding. I liked your character. My son is tall, Even you. I thought you would be a perfect match for Deeraj, my son. I conveyed this to your father. And we are here to hear your say. As I said, I am straight forward and practical. I will take your answer and proceed further. What is your say?"
          The daughter in Subha came to say yes. But the MBA girl fought with her to make to say her no. Subha replied, "Yes."
         "Good. Deeraj is lucky. You liked him. Krishnan, did you show his photo to her?"
         "No, not yet", replied Krishnan.
Raman took his mobile and showed Deeraj's photo to Subha.
         "He is not as fair as you. Half feet taller than you and of course good looking and person with good behavior. Do you like him?"
         Subha waved her head as a symbol of yes.
         "Subha, sing a song.", said her mother.
         "No. No. No. No formalities. I have heard her singing in Pavi's wedding. I have even seen her dancing in Peelamedu Fine Arts function. Elegant dancing. Perfect lady you are Subha."
         Subha's mom amazed at the way Raman impressing Subha. She was the one who said about her dancing skills few minutes back.
          "Today is apt day. Let us finalize the wedding day as well. I checked with astrologer. He said April 17th is perfect date. As you know, my son is coming to India only on April 14th. So we can have betrothal day before wedding."
         "As you say. We will start searching for marriage hall and start invitation printing works.", replied Krishnan happily

A week later

Deeraj called Subha from his mobile. He saw the videograph of Pavi's wedding. Deeraj completely fell in love seeing her and he is the one who insisted his father to talk for wedding.
        "Hello. This is Deeraj"
        "Hello. Subha here."
        "My father said about you and the wedding. First, I was hesitant. He said about your character and sent your photo. I am very happy, I am going to marry you."
        Subha wanted to speak a lot. The MBA girl developed an ego and stopped the lover girl to talk a lot.
        "I am also very happy. I am in meeting. Please call this Sunday.", said Subha and cut the phone.
        The lover girl wanted to know more about Deeraj. She went to Deeraj's facebook profile and gathered all information about him. The MBA girl always stopped her from clicking the Add friend button. She saw all the photos of him. She came to know from his posts that Deeraj's interests are like her's. Movie fanatic, Ilayaraja, Sachin, Dhoni and Ajith fan. More friends like her. Not too much posts. Not too much shares, The quotient of lover girl developed. But the MBA girl made sure that the lover girl did not occupy Subha completely. Their calls did not have love. It was just hi and hello. It was only weekly calls till arrival of Deeraj. Meanwhile Subha got good marks in GMAT and CAT but she did not apply  for admissions.

April 17,2013
Couple of hours before wedding. MBA girl inside Subha came out with anger
       "You grew me. I was not at all there. You developed goal within yourself. But when I was about to emerge, you killed me. Think of the fame of you in society after MBA. You killed me.", said MBA girl.
       "But my parents desperately wanted me to get married. They think Subha remaining unmarried as a burden. I stayed with them for long time than you. We have to understand the parents", said the daughter.
         "And this Deeraj. He is a life breaker for Subha. Subha will not be happy after wedding. She will ask for permissions. Permissions for everything. Even to buy dress.", said MBA girl
        "He seems to be straight forward and practical like his father. His facebook profile is an evidence. Lively and charming person. Subha is lucky", said the lover girl.
        "You just came few months back but stopping Subha to take firm decision to pursue MBA.", replied the MBA girl.
        "Hey. You stop. She is doing what I wanted.", replied the daughter.

         Somebody knocked the door. Subha opened the door and it was Deeraj at other side of the door.
        "Subha. The day. The day I waited for. I am really happy. So will be you. (Imaginery face of lover girl came out) This is the start. We have to be together at all circumstances. We have to be rolemodel for future pairs. I wanted to speak a lot with you. But you were always busy. We can speak a lot here after. I can here you sing. I can see you dance. I will give my fullest to you. Let gods wish us all the best.", said Deeraj
        Subha waved her head.
        "You look beautiful in saree."
        Subha smiled.
         The words of Deeraj suppressed MBA girl and the lover girl took maximum precedence over Subha.
         It was maximum lover girl then. Subha's face was full of smile. People came to Wedding was amazed by the pair they make. "Deeraj is brownish, tall like Rama. Subha is fair, humane like Sita. ", said one of the elder persons seeing the pair. The wedding went on well. It is a formality in Tamil weddings that bride will go with bridegroom family after wedding and bride's family members settle things in wedding hall and leave later. While bride leave with bridegreoom, the bride and entire family of bride will cry since bride no longer live continuously with bride's family. It is where daughter of every bride comes out intensely preceding over lover girl/wife. Same happened to Subha. She cried like a child. Deeraj held the hands of Subha tightly which indirectly said he was there for her. He understood the feeling of her. Thinking about her separation from her parents, tears came out of his eyes. The first drop fell on Subha's hand. Subha saw his face and there came a smile amidst the cry from her. The vehicle started and slowly daughter in Subha settled down.
             Next ten days, the pair used to roam around places to visit their relatives.

April 26, 2013
            Subha and Deeraj reached Chennai airport to board the flight. Here after it would be only Subha and Deeraj in New York. The flight took off. The pair reached New York the next day morning. Subha and Deeraj had heavy jet lag and slept.

April 28, 2013
            "You can use the internet and TV. So that you will not feel alone. Call me now and then. I will be back at 6. See you.", said Deeraj and went to office. Next day is Subha's birthday. Every year she celebrated it with their loved ones. This time it would be with her husband. She was not sure whether Deeraj knew that it is her birthday the next day. She thought, when she had visited his facebook profile umpteen time, he would have also done so. She opened facebook and gave friend request to Deeraj.
             Deeraj did not reach home at 6. It was 7. But still Deeraj did not reach home. Subha called him and Deeraj replied that he had more work since he was back from vacation and it would take more time and to sleep. Subha opened facebook to see if someone wished her for birthday since it is already 29th in India. No one wished her in facebook as well. Couple of banks and few shops sent her wishes in gmail but not a single person.
             The MBA girl started to emerge as clock neared 12 AM.

29th April 2013, 12 AM

             The MBA girl emerged suddenly and preceded over lover girl. No one is talking about her. No celebration. No phone calls, not even a facebook wish. Her husband did not even know her birthday.
             "You made Subha feel bad. If I was there in her, it would be double treat in India for birthday and IIM admission."
             "She didn't say her birthday to Deeraj. What should I do for that?"
             "Second day in US. Look at her face."
             "When Deeraj shed tears for her in wedding, did you see Subha's face. That is love."
             "Birthday is more important. Look at her face. She is thinking about her previous birthdays. She will cry now."
            "Stop the nonsense. Don't make her to cry."

1.40 AM
            Deeraj came to house.
            "Sorry Subha. I didn't know it will take this time. Why didn't you sleep?"
            The MBA girl took the precedence and Subha started to say something and the calling bell sound came. She moved to the door and opened it. Deeraj's friend came in with the cake. Deeraj came from behind and wished "Happy birthday Subha". The three year old kid of Deeraj's friend gave rose to Subha. The celebrations went well. Deeraj gave a gift to Subha. It was videograph of all Subha's known persons wishing her. Ramya called her and wished for her birthday.
             When Subha asked why didn't she wish even on facebook for this time. She replied,"Because of Deeraj. He called all our friends and said that his wish has to be first. And he said about delayed celebration. We shot our wishes and sent to him. We called others and asked them not to wish you till evening even in facebook. Lovely idea. Isn't it?"
              The lover girl's quotient went very high. She hugged Deeraj. There was love in it. Deeraj gave a cover to Subha.
               "Interview letter for MBA from Stern school of business .", amazed Subha.
               "But I didn't apply."
               "I did."
               "I had to sign the application."
               "Your signature is pretty easy, Subha. I practiced just twice."
               "How did you know about my MBA plan?"
               "I knew it. I had to. You were my future wife then. I have to know your likes, dislikes, your dreams. Your fb status, Subha. I saw the posts about your GMAT and CAT scores."

               The MBA girl mingled with lover girl and became wife. Subha, the wife hugged her husband. In this hug, there were love and also affection.
                The brown and tall Rama had to break heavy bow to live with fair and humane Sita. The brown and tall Deeraj had unknowingly killed the ego called MBA girl to live happily with fair and humane Subha. Every male has to do something to make the person who he married as his wife.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


தும்மிய போதெல்லாம்
யாரோ நினைக்கிறார்கள் என்பாள்
இப்போது தும்மல் வந்து பலமாதம்
மனதுக்கு பிடித்தவர்கள் நினைத்தால் 
தும்மல் வராது என்று 
சொல்லாமல் விட்டுவிட்டாள்
பின்னர் வாழ்நாள் முழுதும் 
தும்மியே இருத்தல் வேண்டுமே 

மனதிற்கு பிடித்தவர்களிடமிருந்து வெகுதூரம் சென்று
அவர்தம் சுவாசத்தை அருகிலிருந்து உணராது
நினைவினாலே நிழலுலகத்தில் முத்தமிட்டு
பிரிவினை சுகமாக்கும் ஜீவன்கள்
பகுதி நேர நிழலுலக வாசிகள்

உறவுகள் பிரிந்தால் இறுக்கம் கூடுமாம் 
வேதனையும் கூடும் என்பதை
மறந்துவிட்டான் அந்த கவிஞன் 
நினைவுகள் மனதை விட்டு பிரியாது 
நினைவுகளால் இறுக்கம் கூடும் வேதனையோடு
சொல்லிவிட்டேன் இந்த கவிஞன்  

Monday, October 21, 2013

மழை அவளுக்காக

மலைமோதி மேகங்கள் மழையாக பொழியும்
அவளிட்ட கோலம் மழையோடு போகும் 
கோலத்தை காணாது சிற்றெறும்பு வருந்தும் 
அதன் கண்ணீரும் மழைநீரில் மெதுவாக கலக்கும் 

கூரையில் காகம் நனைந்தே மகிழும் 
அவள் விரட்ட காகமும் பறந்தே போகும் 
ஏன் விரட்டினோமென அவள் மனம் வருந்தும் 
அவள் சோகம் கண்டு காகம் திரும்பும் 

காற்றினில் கதவு வேகமாய் அடிக்கும் 
அவள் பாடும் பாட்டுக்கு தாளங்கள் போடும் 
நொடியேனும் அவள் பாடாது போனால்
டமடம என்று கோபத்தில் துடிக்கும்

மரங்கள்தான் பூரித்து காற்றலை வீசும் 
அவள் சிரிப்பலையின் திசையில் கலந்திட்டு செல்லும்
அவள் முகமோ நொடியேனும் வாடி போனால்
காற்றும் கூடவே நின்றே போகும் 

மின்னலொளி  இவளை கண்டிட்டு போகும் 
இவளொளி மின்னலொளி நேர்நேராய் பார்க்கும் 
அதனாலே பூகம்பம் இடியொலியாய் வாரும் 
வான் தோற்று அவமானம் தாங்காது இருளும் 

அவள் இடைதொட்ட நீர்த்துளி தற்பெருமை கொள்ளும் 
அவள் கண்ணிமையை தொட்ட மழைநீரோ மகிழும் 
அவள் உடைதொட்ட நீர்த்துளி மறுஜென்மம் கேட்கும் 
அவள் கால்பட்ட நீரோ சந்தோஷத்தில் குதிக்கும் 

மலை மோதாதா மேகம் துக்கம் கொள்ளும் 
திசைதிரும்பி சென்று மலைமோத எண்ணும்
அவள் மழைபோதும் என நினைக்க சோகம் கொள்ளும் 
மறுபடியும் அங்குவர பிரமனை வேண்டும் 

வெய்யில் வர சில நீரோ வான் நோக்கி செல்லும்
மீண்டும் வந்து அவளிடைதீண்ட ஆசை கொள்ளும் 
ஓடை சென்று கலந்திட்ட நீரோ 
மீனுக்கும் பாம்பிற்கும் அவளழகை உரைக்கும்

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Billiards Girl

Chapter 1: The foundation

                              One hundred girls gathered in the hall. All between the ages 18 to 25. It was an interview for sale girls to work in Dubai. 
                              "Good morning girls. Welcome to this grand interview. You people are going to have international exposure. From the part of small dots in the world to experience something different. All supermarkets, food courts, hospitals, companies everyone need Philippines Girls over there. That is all because of people who have gone before you. They have rendered their work with full satisfaction and you will be paid 2000 UAE Dirhams per month. There many Filipinos do part time jobs and earn a lot as well. We are going to select 50 people out of you for 8 different companies Dunkin Donuts, McDonald, Carrefour, Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, Texas Chicken and Zoom. We want people who are good at English and good looking. We shortlisted you hundred people from many. In today's interview, we are going to select 50 of you. And you will be leaving in couple of weeks. All the best. Get ready to exploit.", said the person in the hall.
                               The interview process went on for three hours. People came back to their seats and were waiting for the result. The person came and started to read out the names "Anlayn- Zoom, Cocha - Zoom,..". He read out 49 names and everyone wanted their name to be the fiftieth. He announced the name, "Lisa - Dunkin Donuts." Lisa, 22 year old from a poor family. What she had is school education and English. She worked in a beauty parlor in Manila for 6000 Peso. A chance had come to earn approximately 20000 peso per month. They would be providing free accommodation and food. She was very happy as she could support her family well financially. 
                              Lisa started to get ready to go to Dubai. She never had been away from her parents. She had to leave them for the first time. The day came. She boarded the flight for the first time. The 49 co-selected Filipinos boarded with her. Ice was broken already among them since they used to talk with each other after the selection process. Lisa was going to share her accommodation with Lina, Sara and Presty since they were to go to same food court for work.
They reached the airport and to the accommodation. International City- China Cluster. The cheapest decent accommodation people can get in Dubai.

Chapter 2: The Donuts Girl

                               First day of Lisa in the Donuts shop. Lisa was a beautiful girl. The makeover of her made her even more beautiful. The Black T shirt of Dunkin donuts made her look more sexy. She started to like the city and the job. People started to come in more numbers just to see her. The food court was located in a petrol bunk. The business of the petrol bunk doubled. The Donuts shop saw a huge turn over in a single month. 

                               She went out for the weekend with their room mates to the nearby mall in Mirdif. There were lots of Filipinos in the mall. She already saw more Filipinos in the work time. Her room mates already got boy friends for them. The boy friends of her room mates also came to mall. Letting them roam together, Lisa went to the movie. People who seated near were also Filipinos. She wanted to acquaint with them and started to talk with them. She came to know that they work on the massage center in the same place where she resides,
                               "I use to see lots of massage center cards hanged on my room door daily with nude Filipino girls photo on them. Are all massage centers like this? Do you do sex jobs in the name of massage centers?". asked Lisa.
                               "Shut up and see the movie. Do what you have given money for.", replied one of the girls.
                                Lisa was upset with what she had said. She continued to watch the movie.

                                Suddenly her neighbor said, "Necessity."
                                "What?", asked Lisa.
                                "Necessity", replied her again.
                                "How much do you earn?"
                                "2000 AED a month", she replied.
                                "I make 5000 AED a month."
                                "Are you ashamed of selling your body?"
                                "Where do you work?"
                                "Dunkin Donuts."
                                "Are you the manager there?"
                                "No, sales girl."
                                "Lots of men come there. Is it?"
                                "Did you ever say that no one have seen you in a sex point of view?"
                                "I never mind that while I work."
                                "People use your beauty to sell their product. I am selling my body. That is the difference."
                               "Shut your mouth. You bitch.", shouted Lisa and walked out of the theater.
                               Next week Lisa went to Bur Dubai to get her a new mobile. She got frustrated by seeing most of the sluts standing in the streets are Filipinos. She was worried that the people felt that all the Filipino girls are sluts.
                                Eight months passed by. She continued to work for Dunkin Donuts. A call came from Manila that her brother passed away. Lisa then became the bread winner of the family. She started to work overtime to earn more money.
                                Some days after,
                                "Paul! I just got call from my mom. She needs 10000 Peso. It is very urgent and I don't have money right now. I have to send it through Western Union. Could you please give me 1000 AED? I will give it back to you by lending money from my friends."
                                "I don't have money, Lisa. 1000 AED during 28th of month."
                                "Do you know anyone in the friends circle who can lend me money?"
                                "I don't know someone who can give 1000 AED during last week of the month. But I have an idea. The manager comes here to collect the sales money only on 2nd of next month. We shall take money from the collection. You can keep back back the money once you get your salry this 30th."
                                "That was wrong."
                                "You are not going to run away with the money. You are going to keep it back. "
                                "I don't feel this is correct."
                                "The choice is yours."
                                Lisa called all her friends. She was not able to get the money from them as well. Since there were no other options, she decided to take the money from shop. She took and transferred the amount to her mom.
                                Next day, when Lisa was about to close the shop, the surprise inspector came in. He started to check the collection box. Before he started to count, Lisa interrupted him.
                               "Sir, I took thousand Dirhams from the collection since I had to send it to my mom for an emergency."
                              "How dare you can take the money?"
                              "I will keep it back when I get the salary tomorrow."
                              "Yeah. You can keep it back tomorrow and get out of Dunkin Donuts and never comeback. You can't be a sales girl in any other entities in United Arab Emirates. Get out of here after paying back 1000 AED tomorrow."
                             "Sir, sorry. It was not intentional."
                             "No more arguments. Book your tickets to Philippines.", said the inspector and went away.
                             Paul came near Lisa and said, "Sorry Lisa. I never thought this would happen. I am so sorry. Thanks you did not say to inspector that it was my idea."
                            "Never mind, Paul. I am leaving. Bye.", said Lisa and walked out of the shop.
                            She searched for job couple of weeks but was not able to find one. She was only belief to her family and she did not want to go back without a job as well. The wait went to two months and she did not get a job. She was asked to move out of the apartment as well. When she came out of the house, she saw a massage center card. She dialed the number printed in the card.
                            "Hi Sir. How can we help you, Sir?", asked the lady.
                            "Hi. I want to come there in direct. May I know where is it located?"
                            "Cluster B 23, mam.", replied the lady.

Chapter 3: Slut

                           Lisa reached the massage center. The lady inside came and said, " Hi Mam. For ladies, it is 6 to 8 PM. Please come back tomorrow, mam. This is peak business hours for men."
                           Lisa realized that the lady was the same who she talked with in the movie theater. She repled, "I did not come as a client. I came here to seek for employment."
                           "It is not as easy as you think. We just don't do massage. We even sleep with the people in the name of massage parlor. Literally it is prostitution center. Why do you join here. There are hell lot of respectful jobs outside?", asked her.
                           "Necessity.", replied Lisa.
                           The lady realized that she was the one from theater. She called the Lebanese owner and said about Lisa. The owner came and sat near Lisa.
                           "What is your name darling?", asked the owner.
                           "Your name as sexy as you. You are so sexy. You don't work here in this parlor. I have a billiards club over in Deira. You can work there. 3500 Dirhams a month and 200 Dirhams per each customer. If you can get 2 customers a day, you can end up in salary of 9500 Dirhams a month. You can join tomorrow. Do you have accommodation?"
                          "No. But with this income, I can find my own."
                          "Good. Get ready baby. No need of these dress from tomorrow during work. Ha ha. Lucky customers of mine."
                           Lisa was given a violet dress in her first day. She was pretty and every customer's attention went on her. Seeing people's attention over her, the Lebanese owner raised her price to 5000 Dirhams. Still she had three customers in the first day. People use to have intercourse with her in the billiards table. 
                           Lisa earned 12700 Dirhams in her first month. Everyone sought for her. She became the most wanted slut of the club. The club owner raised her price to 8000 Dirham per hour seeing her popularity. Lisa bought a car in couple of months. She even started to go home of the customers in the weekends for a huge price. She wanted to earn a lot of money. Only that was going in her mind. She used to sell her instead of using it to sell others product. Lisa became a common name among rich men. They had to wait for eight months in advance booking if they had to sleep with her in their home. Some people wanted that privacy. They did not want to show up that they are sex longing morons by going to parlors and clubs. She took twenty five thousand Dirhams for home visit and the club owner gave her 25% share for what she earned. Her price in the bar went to fourteen thousand Dirhams.  She bought a home for her in Philippines and her family moved to the new home with what she earned in just five months. She said to the family that she got a respectful job  and the salary is huge.

Chapter 4: Emergence of the billiards girl

                           Lisa had a desire of playing billiards. She not just wanted to sleep with men on the board. She started to learn the the game. She started to come early to the club. She used to play billiards from 4 to 8 PM before going into her regular business. She mastered in the game of billiards as well. There came the moment when her coach also was not to defeat her in at least one board. She liked the game of billiards very much. One of her client came by 7:30 and Lisa was playing billiard then. The client wanted to play billiards with her.
                          "Hey Lisa. I wanna play billards with you."
                          "Ten thousand Dirhams for five matches.", replied Lisa.
                          "Don't worry. Even if I lose a single match, you can fuck me for free."
                          "Ooh. Ooh. Come on Lisa. Lemme hit you for free."
                         The match started and Lebanese owner started to watch the match. Lisa won all the five boards. The client tried it again for 5 more matches and lost again. He tried it again for 6 more instances and lost all the 30 boards. Lebanese owner got an idea of it. He discussed it with Lisa.
                         "Lisa. I got an idea."
                         "What Omar?"
                         "More money out of you and more money for you. Yeah. I am going to make you billiards girl."
                         "Pay Ten thousand Dirhams. Win the billiards board and sleep with Lisa for free or fuck Lisa for Twenty five Dirhams. What do you say, Lisa."
                         Lisa lighted the cigar and replied," Great idea Omar so that I can raise my weekend home delivery for forty thousand. Thank you for making me richer day by day."
                         Lisa became famous throughout. The club earned more money so did Lisa. Billiards Girl became more famous and there were only three instances Lisa lost out of thousands of matches in four years. She built a bungalow in Philippines and in Dubai as well. She said to her family that she was doing cosmetic business and was earning more money. The poor family believed her words. Out of the three matches she lost one was against the world champion who was also her customer. He fought hard to defeat her in the particular match. 
                         One day when she came out of club after business, one young Filipino lady ran to her and shouted, "You bitch. Because of people like you, everyone thinks all Filipino girls are sluts. Stop spreading your legs for money. Stop plating bad colors to our flag and bad name to our country. You bitch."
                         "Necessity.", replied Lisa.
                         The Filipino girl said, "What necessity bitch?", splat on her face and walked away.
                         Lisa continued her job and the words of the Filipino girl struck her well on the mind. It came to her mind like a voice recorded in tape every now and then.  Five years since Lisa came to Dubai and she started for the vacation to her home.

Chapter 5: The Billiards Girl

                          Lisa reached Manila. Two years since she been there. She went to her bungalow in the city outskirts. Two days later, she saw a news in the newspaper about national selection for billiards for world championship. Her inner being wanted her to go and participate and she started to the venue.
                          She went to the venue and said to the selector over there, "Sir, I wish to represent our country. Please add my name as well."
                           "Hey lady. This is not a joke. Only national players can participate in this event."
                           "I have experience of playing billiards of over five years in the clubs."
                           "This is not a club. Please leave and don't waste our time."
                           "Challenge Sir. Ask every one here to play with me. If anyone of them beat me, I will give five million Peso to you. But if I win all the matches, you have to select me."
                           "Ha, ha. This young lady has desire to make me rich. Why should I stop then? Chance is a chance. Let start."
                           Lisa defeated everyone easily. The selector was amazed at her skills. She got a brilliant talent. He selected Lisa for world championship.
                           "Where were you before? Why did you come here all of the sudden? With this talent, you definitely will win the world championship. Why you do all these all of a sudden?", asked the selector.
                          "Necessity. Necessity for this Billiard girl to do something good for Philippines."
                          "Good. I want girls like you. Get ready for the championship."
                          Lisa once again came to Dubai. This time to play in Billiards board. The World Billiards Championship at Dubai. Lisa's first round is against defending champion. Lisa fought a lot and won at last.The newspapers started to write as the emergence of Filipino billiards girl to rule the world. Lisa became happy and she went on to win the semi-finals. 

                         Seeing her photo on the newspaper, her old friends form the club, Lebanese owner, Paul, her old room mates and the massage parlor girl came to see the match. The indoor stadium was filled Filipino supporters. They were happy to see one representing their country winning millions of hearts. Lisa felt proud seeing Philippines flags throughout. She won against her counterpart easily. She became the world champion. She saw the faces of people waving their national flag happily. She thought of the worlds the Filipino girl outside the club.
                          Omar went to the hotel where Lisa stayed. He said he was very happy to see her in this respectful position and also said that his turnover would not be as high as she was world champion and no more the billiards girl in the club then.
                          Lisa replied, "Time has gone Omar. The time when I licked the balls of the men in the billiards board are gone. Time had come to hit the billiards ball. Thanks for giving me chance to work in your club or else I would not have discovered a billiards girl in me."
                          Omar hugged Lisa and went back.
                           Next day the Filipino girl who scolded Lisa saw her with the world championship trophy and felt proud of her nation. She forgot the face of club girl then.
 Note: The story is purely fictional. The player in the photo Shanelle Loraine is for depiction purpose and it is not a biography of her.                        

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Journey - Nandini S7 34 F 36

            Chennai Central. The railway station carries not just people and trains. It carries the feelings and emotions of the people as well. Happiness, Sadness, Enemity, Friendship, Fatigue, Eagerness,  Love, Sex, Infatuations.

             It was a Friday evening. People floated in and out of the station with incoming trains and trains which were ready to go to its destinations. In second platform, there stood the train Chennai - Nagercoil weekly express. People started to get into the train. Different characters, different reasons - Students who were about to go home for long weekend. Corporate employees who were about to go to their native for holidays with their family, regular travelers and many more.

             A lady got into the train. S7 Coach. A man came with him. He should be her husband. Bald head with gray hair here and there. The lady was pregnant then. Seemed like six to seven months. Her husband  sat opposite to her. 

"God grace Nandini. God grace. In next four months I will be a father. The 14 years wait. I am feeling young again. Young and energetic. You can take the child to school. We can go to any function. 
We need not answer to anyone that we don't have child. Take care. I will call you daily. Will be there in Sucheendram every weekend. Text me once you had your dinner. Ask for lower berth. Don't risk by climbing up. Lemme see the passenger chart.", said Nandini's husband and went down to see passenger chart. 

"Hey Nandini. Old persons. Male of 60 and female of 58. They are boarding at Katpadi. Ask then for lower berth. Let see and call me to update."

"Don't worry Vishnu. I will ask them. See announcement has come about the departure. I will manage even if is middle berth. Get down now or else you have to come with me till Arakkonam."

Vishnu started from there and came near the window where Nandini was seated. The train started to move from the station. Nandini settled down in her seat. 14 years since her marriage. Number of treatments. People considered her unlucky. Some even directly conveyed it to her. Whenever she went to functions, people threw her questions and suggestions. "I know a nice doctor near my place.", "Are you undergoing regular periods?", "Visit this astrologer.", "Visit this temple in Kerala.", "Do this pooja for fourteen months." Lots of suggestions. People poured in suggestions. All the humiliating talks came through her mind.

Nandini went to restroom and saw her gray hair in the mirror. Her age came to her mind. 36. If she had her child right after her marriage, she would have been a mother of 10 year or 11 year old by now. She came back to her seat. She faced similar problems in her teenage. Nandini's parents got married during their mid thirties and she felt generation gaps in many instances. She went into a trans-world where she ran through her past days.

The train reached Katpadi station. The 60 year male and 58 year female boarded in the train. Ten to fifteen people came to send off the old couple. They came and seated in their respective seats. Both of them looked very tired. The old lady said something to her husband. 

"Child. You are pregnant. Isn't it?"
"Yes, uncle. Can..", replied Nandini and started to ask question.
"You sleep in the lower berth. My wife will sleep in middle berth."
"Thank you uncle."
"6 to 7 months. Right?", asked the old lady.
"Yes aunty. Six months."
"Good. Have you come alone?"
"Yes aunty. My husband has to go to office this weekend. Half yearly closing. My mom wants me to come there since there is no elder one to take care in Chennai."
"Where are you going? Nagercoil?"
"Yes to Suchindram."
"Good. It is good to be with them during pregnancy."

They arranged the berth. The old lady gave tablets to the old man and took hers too. She moved to the middle berth. 

Nandini laid down and the memories started to flow. The humiliations, her days with aged parents, happiness of going to be a mother, sadness of being aged mother everything in glimpses. After couple of hours, she slept. 
It was Saturday 6:30 AM when the train reached Madurai. Nandini woke up and saw the old couple sitting in the opposite seat. The old couple were having coffee. Nandini brushed and came back to her seat. Still 5 hours to travel. Something in her wanted to know more about the couple.

"Aunty, sorry I made you to climb to middle berth." , said Nandini.
"No problem. Did you sleep well?'
"I slept well,  what about you aunty? "

The old couple started to discuss about something and Nandini started to read the novel with her. 

"Uncle, lot of people came to send off you people. Any special occassion.", asked Nandini out of curiosity.
"Yes, those were my colleagues and friends. I'm moving to my native after retirement."
"Oh good uncle. You are going alone. What about your children, uncle? "
"We have a son. He is in USA."
"USA. Where does he work?"
"Work. No. He is doing his first year Masters in Florida."
"Late marriage", smiled the old lady.

Nandini became curious to know more about them and wanted to know the disadvantages of being an aged mom. 

"Aunty, I am 36. I was childless for 14 years since my marriage. Now I am pregnant. Even my mom was 37 when I was born. In many instances, I had disadvantages of being a child of aged parents. Don't feel bad since I am asking this. You should be a successful mother. Your son is studying in USA. I am more concerned of being an aged mother."
"Why should you have concerns? It is always a nice feeling of being a mother."
"My parents were also aged. I felt many times that my parents were old."
"You felt. Our son directly asked us once why did we marry very late and torturing him not understanding his feelings. That is due to his age. Even if I was 40 at that time, I would have questioned for some things. He got our age as reason. She cried the entire day feeling for that", said the old man. 
The old lady stared at her husband for showing off her son in a bad note.
"But he sent us a letter on his 60th birthday. He wrote that he felt sorry everyday for saying that. He also wrote that he got best parents one can ever get. See, those words have wounded him this long. He very well knows that we married late because of our family situation. But he said those words. He was preparing for his exams late night that day. I said to sleep every five minutes or so. He went out of control. He might have had difficult paper next day.", stopped the old lady.
"When he was 21, last year he did heart surgery for his father. All the money, he paid with the help of insurance he got from his company. He did not ask for single paisa to go to US. I said about that letter right. The last lines of that letter is 'I scolded you that day, I forgot to thank you. I feel more responsible, I saw you were old but not your living experience in the earth. You were very careful in shaping me. If some one says I am a good guy, credit is yours.' I am a proud aged mother."
"She cried that day as well", said the old man.

Nandini went to the restroom. She saw her face in the mirror. She touched her stomach and felt the breathe of her foetus. She had a sense of relief. The old lady was like a moral boosting medicine to her. The train was nearing Nagercoil station. She came back to her seat. The old couple were taking the luggages. 

"Don't ever feel worried.", said the old man.
"I won't uncle."
"May I know your name?"
"Nandini. Your name, uncle?"
"Aunty, your name?"
"Rajeswari.", replied the old lady.
"May I know your son's name, aunty?'

The train reached the station. Nandini hugged the old lady. She wanted to see her mom, desperately.

Nandini's mother was waiting outside her home to welcome her. 
The first word came out of her mouth - "Sorry".

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kavin and Kevin - IV Standard A Section

           The kids who were assembled for prayer started to get back to their respective classes. Kavin started to move towards his class. New class, new teachers and new people around him. The class teacher came in for the first class. The kids stood up to wish their teacher. The teacher smiled at everyone and started to introduce her.
           "Hi students. Welcome to 4 A. This is Stella. Your class teacher. I am happy to see you brisk boys and girls headed for a year of journey in my class. Let me take the attendance."
One girl from the second row interrupted and said, "Mam! Last year Santha mam asked us to introduce one by one to her in the first class before taking attendance. Please do like that, mam."
           "Yeah. I will do the same but in a different manner. Give your attendance. The first name for the year Abaya."
          "Present mam."
          "Good Abaya Come over here and tell about yourself."
Abaya came to front of the class.
          "My name is Abaya. In third standard I was in B section. Now to a new section. Hope I will make good friends. My aim is to become a doctor like my father."
          "Very good. We have a doctor in our class."
          "Present mam."
          Adithiya walked to front of the class, "I am Adithiya. My father's name is Hariharan. I want to become police officer like Duraisingam."
          "Oh Jesus. Perfect fourth standard kid. Take your seat."
The role call continued for 12 to 15 students. Then the teacher called Kavin. Two kids from the class stood and said, "Present mam."
          "Do we have two Kavins here? Let me check. We have a Kavin and a Kevin and both of them sit in same bench. Good. Okay. Did I say it like Kevin? Kavin Ka."
Kavin walked to front of the class.
           "My name is Kavin. I studied in Madurai till my third class. My father got transfer to Chennai. That is why I had to move to this school."
Kavin saw his teacher's face to see if she asks him to go.
           The teacher asked, "What is your aim?"
           "I want to become a... become a.. scientist"
           "Perfect kid. It is difficult for fourth standard student to decide what to become. You can go to your place."
Then came Kevin
           "My name is Kevin. I want to become pilot."
The role call was completed.
           "Great students. We have many doctors, engineers, scientists, pilot and one police officer Duraisingam."
The first day of the class came to and end. Kavin and Kevin acquainted well.
The second day,

Kavin's father took Kavin to his school by two wheeler. Near the entrance of the school, there were number of cars. Kids got out of the cars and ran into school. Kavin looked at a red colour. He liked the car very much. The car looked majestic. Abaya came out of the car. Next came is a black sedan. Kevin came out of the car. Kavin saw Kevin and moved towards him.
Kavin said, "Your dad's car is really big."
          "Yes. We had some other car before. I liked this car. I said my dad to buy this car showing this car's advertisement on TV. My dad bought this on my birthday."
         "What car your dad have?"
         "He doesn't have a car. He has Honda Activa and my mom has a Scooty."
         "Is it? Ok come lets go to prayer."
Kavin was thinking about his father not having the car in the entire prayer. The classes for the day came to an end.

Kavin's mom came to pick up Kavin. On the way to home,
Kavin said,"Mom. All of my friends come to class by car. Kevin, I said about him yesterday. He comes in big black Scorpio. Abaya in i10. Nirmal in Indica. When will dad buy a car, mom? We have to ask him to buy a Swift. Nice car."
        "Yes, Ask dad to buy one."
        "We have to go on a trip to Madurai in car after he buys one."
Kavin looked at the cars from the pillion. Whenever he saw a school kid in car. He thought him in the kids place and his dad in the driver's seat.
       "Mom. Does dad know to drive car?"
       "No. Kavin."
       "You mom?"
       "You too learn to drive mom. See in that car a mother is driving the car."
       "Yes, I will."
       "Swift. White color."

Kavin's father Senthil reached home. Kavin's mother Manjula said to Kavin,
      "Kavin. Dad reached home."
Kavin ran towards his dad.
       "Hey Kavin. How is your new class?"
       "Good dad. The new class is superb. Everyone speaks only in English."
       "Dad. All friends of mine are coming to class in car."
       "Is it?"
       "You too buy a car, dad."
       "Yes, I will."
       "Good. Tomorrow we shall buy a car."
       "We cannot buy a car in a day, Kavin."
       "Dad.(starts to cry)."
       "Hey it takes six months for the car manufacturer to manufacture the car. They will give us only after six months. I will book tomorrow and exactly in December 6th we will have our car and Kavin will go to his school daily in car."
 Kavin hugs Senthil.
       "What car do you want?"
       "Swift. White color."
       "Great. I will book tomorrow."
At night in bedroom,
       "Why Kavin is asking for a car?", asked Manjula.
       "Every friends of him come to school in car. I thought in the same way when I was kid. I used to go in bicycle. Two or three friends of mine came in their dad's moped. I cried a lot and my dad bought a moped. Now we have bike and our kid goes a step ahead asking for car."
      "Are you going to buy?"
      "How Manjula? With our monthly salary, we find it difficult now. How a car? Moreover I am not a software professional to take  risk. I am a sales guy. The company may send me out if I don't acheive the target for three to four months. He will become upset if I say no."
 Next day in class,
       "Hey Abaya and Kevin. My dad is booking Swift today. White color.", said Kavin.
       "Good Kavin. Nice car."
       "We already have a car in Madurai. We don't want to take it here. That is why we are buying a new one."
       "What car was that?"      
       "Hmm. Lancer. Yes Lancer. Gold car."
       "Is it? Even we have a Lancer in our home. But my dad takes i10.", said Abaya.
Two months later,

      "Kavin. Get ready we are going to exhibition."
Kavin became excited to go to exhibition. He took the jeans pant and tshirt, his father bought him two weeks before. Kavin went into toy shop. There were number of car toys. He saw a replica Swift toy and took it. Kavin used to have this toy near his pillow daily while he was sleeping.

December 1st in classroom

       "Kids. The half yearly examination is on December 10th. Before that you have to do a presentation each. You can make models for presentation or you can present them in chart and you have to give a speech on your selected topic for atleast 2 minutes. Your presentation is on December 4th."

In break
       "Kevin. What topic are you going to present?", asked Kavin.
       "I don't know. What about you?"
       "Our car."
       "Kevin! Shall I tell a topic for you?", asked Abaya.
       "Smoking kills."

Afternoon session
        Stella mam came to class and asked every children about the topic.
       "Kids. Hope you have selected the topics. I will call your names as in attendance. Say what topic you have selected."
        "Cleanliness in next to Godliness."
        "Good. Adithiya."
        "Traffic Signal."
Stella took note of the topics.

Evening in Kevin's home.
         "Daddy, I need to present about the topic Smoking Kills in our class on coming 4th. Please help me for it."
         "Definitely kiddo. I will prepare the chart for you and explain you how should you present in the class."
         "Thanks dad."
         "Smoking is a dangerous habit. It will cause cancer. Only bad guys do smoke. Many people die out of cancer. It is an unnecessary expenditure as well. It is really a life killing habit. Let us develop your presentation with these points."
         "Do you smoke, dad?"
         "Have you ever seen your dad smoking?"
         "Your father, Stephen is the best man in the world. He doesn't do any bad activity."

Next day in Stephen's office
         "Hey Stephen, why are you looking so dull today?" asked Rajeev, his colleague.
         "Oh. Is it? I was preparing chart works for my son for his presentation in class."
         "Great. What was the topic?"
         "Smoking kills."
         "Yes, smoking kills."
         "Ok. Shall we go out and smoke?"
         "Yes. With pleasure. It has been two hours since I have smoked."
In petty shop
         "Stephen. You smoke two packs of cigar daily and you are preparing a presentation for topic Smoking kills for your son."
         "Rajeev. I am a chain smoker. You know that. But not my son. You have to showcase to your children that you are a very nice person on the earth. Yes, I smoke. Seeing that he will also think about smoking during his adolescence. We have to be first rolemodels to them. See police here are to protect people but they will get 100 or 200 whenever they get a chance without being caught by others. Same thing. You are getting married next month right. Avoid smoking even in front of your wife."
3rd December evening in Kavin's home.
            Senthil and Manjula were seeing a movie in television. Senthil asked Manjula, "Where is Kavin. He likes this movie. Bu he is not here."
            "He is doing something with clay in his room."
            "Let me go and see."
Senthil went inside the room.
            "Hey Kavin. What are you doing?"
Senthil saw the clay model of the car done by Kavin. It had three doors opened and replicas of his father, mother and him with school bag waiting to get in.
           "Beautiful Kavin."
           "Tomorrow I'm going to present about the topic "Our car" to our class. Look at this. This is you near the driver seat window. This is mom and this is me with my school bag. Don't touch. The clay is still wet."
           "Manjula come her. See how beautifully he had made it."
           "Like this we have to go from 5th. We are getting our car this fifth. Is it?"
            Manjula came in.
            "I also have to give a speech on this topic. This is our car Swift. It makes our life easy. It helps my busy dad and mom to reach their office in time. My father drops me in school on the way to his office. We go to monthly picnics."
 Senthil came out in the middle and started to cry

Night in bedroom.
            "Manjula. This kid will get upset if I say him the truth. I don't know how I will tackle him this fifth. He has developed a lot of desire over car. My dad bought a moped as he promised. But I."
            "Don't worry. We will buy a car soon. You are getting good hike this month. Even I am going to be promoted."
            "Rice price is 40. House owner is going to increase the house rent. Petrol rate is increasing. We are not in good time to be in a middle class family. It is almost difficult."
            "God will show way to us."
            "I don't want my son to be upset."
            "He won't be. He will understand. if we say to him in a nice way."

Next day in class,
             Children were very excited and waited to see every others preparations. Kavin's clay model got everyone's attention.
            The class teacher came to class and asked who is interested to present first. Many student raised their hands and Adithiya was the first to present.

             "Good morning friends and (thinks) Good morning Stella Miss. My topic is traffic signal. Traffic signal has. Traffic Signal has three colors. Red, Orange and Green. Red color is to indicate Stop. Green Color. Cheee. Orange color is to indicate get ready. Green color indicates to go. We have to obey traffic rules or traffic police will arrest us and also.. and also it will create problems to other. Ambulance can go even in red. Nowadays traffic signals in Chennai has timer indicating number of seconds remaining to change of signal." Walks and comes back. "Thank you."
             "Very good Adithiya. Silent claps for Adithiya, people."

Stella continued, who is next, " Yes Kevin."
              Kevin came front with the charts prepared by him and his father.
              "Good morning friends and Stella Mam. The topic I have chosen is Smoking kills. We see many people who smoke on the way to school and back home and even in public places. Smoking is a deadly habit because it creates death. Why? People who smoke are prone to cancer. You can see the wordings "Smoking Kills" in cigarette packs. But people don't mind this and still continue to smoke. Are you able to say what picture is posted in chart? This is the picture you see in movies in the beginning saying the adverse effects of smoking. See how ugly this sponge is. Smokers' lungs will become like this causing many respiratory problems. Smokers not only affect themself but also people near them making them to smoke passively. When we breath the smoke we too become passive smokers. So don't go near smoking persons. Please advise those who smoke the adverse effects of smoking and make the world free of smokers."
              "Students that was a good presentation from Kevin. Silent claps for him as well."
              Stella saw the beautiful clay model made by Kavin and called him.
               "Good morning friends and mam. The model present here is our car Swift. It makes our life easy. It helps my busy dad and mom to reach their office in time. My father drops me in school on the way to his office. We go to monthly picnics in the car. Whenever I go in the car, it gives me immense happiness. Our car is like a friend to me. It sings through the mp3 player. It gives me comfort with its cushion seats. It gives leisure to us by taking us to different places in weekend. It helps us to bring vegetables and other items to our home. It helps to bring my grandfather from railway station to our home whenever he comes from Madurai. It can go through joyful highways and sorrowful bad roads. Even though it waits for long times in signals, it continues to give us pleasure. It runs many a miles a day. I feel very happy about our car. It does not say I won't allow someone to sit on me. It will give place to anyone who likes. It will take the heat of summer and the rains of rainy season and make it owners stay cool. The windows of the car show the beauty of the world. I see my world through my car's windows. I am proud of our White Swift Car. Thank you"
             "Kavin. Would you ask your dad to drop me to my home once in your car?"
             "We are getting the car tomorrow mam. I will ask my dad to."
             "So sweet kid. Silent claps for Kavin as well."

The presentations were completed. Kevin, Kavin and three other kids got prize for the presentation.
Evening at Kevin's home,
              "Mom, where is dad?"
              "He has gone downstairs."
Kevin walked down to see his father and inform him about his prize. He saw smoke near portico. He didn't go there as his father said he would become a passive smoker. He waited till smoke stopped.

When he started, Stephen came from the place where smoke came.
              "Dad why did you go there? You will become passive smoker and you may get cancer."
              "Yeah. But the milkman was smoking. Somebody has to say not to smoke right. That is why I went there. Come lets go up."
              Stephen flushed the cigarette pack he had in toilet.

Next day in Stephen's office,
               "Stephen. Come lets go out for cigarette.", called Rajeev.
               "No Rajeev. I stopped smoking. Yesterday my son would have seen me smoking. I have escaped by God's grace. When he believes me much, I have to stand by that belief. He thought I was there with someone who was smoking and asked me not go hereafter since I will become a passive smoker. What if he came to know that I was the one smoking there. I don't want to break my son's belief/"
              "Great Stephen. I won't be disturbing you anymore. And I have a wife who believes I don't smoke."
              "Good Rajeev."
Evening in Kavin's home,
                Kavin got ready to go to showroom to get the car.
                "Kavin. I just received a car from showroom. There is a problem with the car it seems. they say there is another Swift in black colr. Shall I buy that one? If we want white one they will give only on February 5th."
                "I need only white dad. Let us wait. No problem."
Kavin went near the clay model he made,
                "Why are you coming late? See you are making us wait for another two months. I will not wash you for two days. That is the punishment."

Senthil became upset. He was not able to say the truth seeing the innocence of Kavin.
In bedroom
                 "My manager is going to sell his Swift for 1.75 lakhs. I am planing to buy this by applying loan."
                 "Is it necessary now with the present expenditure we have?"
                 "It is not like that Manju. It is necessary for sales guy like me as well. See when I go in a car to client's place it adds respect. We can cut down some other expenditure for this. There will be ways."

3 weeks later,
                 "Dad you came today.Why mom didn't come?"
                 "Come out. A surprise."
                 "What surprise. Did grandfather come from Madurai?"
                 "Come out. Let see."
Kavin came out and Senthil opened the car with remote. Manju was sitting inside, He touched the car. Kissed his mom and dad. He asked his father to wait and ran baclk to school.
                 "Miss. My dad is waiting outside in the car. Could you please come in our car? I will ask him to drop you in your home as you asked."
                  Stella came with him. Senthil dropped Stella in her house. Senthil looked at the joy in the face of his son and he looked through the window in traffic signal. He saw a kid sitting in two wheeler staring at his car.

Friday, July 12, 2013

வருவான் முருகன்

பஜனை பாடலை அல்லவா இப்படி "Gangs of Wasseypur" படத்தில் பயன்படத்தி உள்ளனர் என்று தோன்றியது . "ஓ வுமனியா" என்று கேட்கும் போது "ஓம் முருகா" என்று ஒரு உள்ளோடல் வேறு. எழுதி விடுவோமென எழுதலானேன். வேறு மொழியில் தாறுமாறான அர்த்தம் கொண்ட பாடலை  முருகன் பெயரில் எழுதிவிட்டானே என்று எண்ணுவோருக்கு- நல்ல பஜனை மெட்டில் இறைவன் பெயர் இருக்கட்டுமே. விநாயகர் சிலைக்கும் துப்பாக்கி கொடுத்து அழகு பார்க்கும் உலகம் இது. கீழே உள்ள வீடியோவை க்ளிக்கவும். அதே மெட்டில் முருகனை பாடவும்.

முருகன் வருவான் குமரன் வருவான்
மயில்வாகனன் வருவான் கதிர்வேலன் வருவான்

ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா

மயிலேறி வருவான் வேலோடு வருவான்
மயிலேறி வருவான் வேலோடு வருவான்
மயிலேறி வருவான் வேலோடு வருவான்
மயிலேறி வருவான் வேலோடு வருவான்

சூரனை அழிக்க வேகமாய் வருவான்
சூரனை அழிக்க வேகமாய் வருவான்
சூரனை அழிக்க வேகமாய் வருவான்
சூரனை அழிக்க வேகமாய் வருவான்

மனதோடு வேண்டிகொண்டால் மனதினில் வருவான்-முருகா
மனதோடு வேண்டிகொண்டால் மனதினில் வருவான்
மனதோடு வேண்டிகொண்டால் மனதினில் வருவான்

மனதில் ஆட்கொண்ட சூரனை அழிப்பான்

ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா

வெயிலில் நிழலாய் அவனே வருவான்
வெயிலில் நிழலாய் அவனே வருவான்

குளிர்கையில் அனலாய் அவனே வருவான்
குளிர்கையில் அனலாய் அவனே வருவான்

மேதைகள் யாவர்க்கும் தமிழாய் வருவான்- முருகா
மேதைகள் யாவர்க்கும் தமிழாய் வருவான்
மேதைகள் யாவர்க்கும் தமிழாய் வருவான்

சோதனை எரித்து வெற்றியை தருவான்

ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா

மலையில் ஏறினால் பழனியில் வருவான்
சம்ஹாரம் செய்ய திருச்செந்தூர் வருவான்
மலையில் ஏறினால் பழனியில் வருவான்
சம்ஹாரம் செய்ய திருச்செந்தூர் வருவான்

காவடி எடுத்தால் தணிகையில் வருவான்
வள்ளியை கண்டால் சோலையில் வருவான்
காவடி எடுத்தால் தணிகையில் வருவான்

முருகா என்று போனால் குன்றத்திலே வருவான் வருவான் வருவான்
சரவண பவ என்றால் சுவாமிமலை வருவான்
சரவண பவ என்றால் சுவாமிமலை வருவான்

இரு கரம் கூப்பினால் கரம் தூக்கி விடுவான்

ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
முருகா முருகா முருகா முருகா ஓம்
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா
ஓம் முருகா ஓம் ஓம் முருகா