Friday, July 25, 2014

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The weekends call for going out. When there is a car and two friends who like to drive long distance, the weekends will be booked for travelling. These friends - Ananth, Mithun, Sanjay and Gaurav, engineers and roomies from Bengaluru. Saturday morning 7 AM, when most of the engineers were sleeping due to the hangover from work or hangover from pubs of the Friday night, these friends started towards Hoggenakkal.

The gang used to travel to Coorg, Chikmagaur or atleast to Sivasamudram every weekend. They read about the beauty of the falls in rainy season and decided to visit there.

'Get Set Go. On the way to Hoggenakkal with Ananth Shriram, Mithun Muthusamy and Gaurav Kumar', read Sanjay Subramaniam's facebook status once they boarded into car. Mithun has an SLR with him and he has a facebook photography page. Gaurav and Ananth are the two who drives in shifts to their weekend destination.

'Dosa Single Vada at Sukh Sagar. Unless for Sambar which resembles the payasam my cousin makes, the bestest.', Sanjay Subramaniam's updated his next status.
Gaurav saw his status in his iphone and asked him, "Sanjay! You went to piss after your breakfast. You forgot to update this in facebook. Why are you doing like this? Why should you update all this?"
" Gaurav. This is a popularity check. See this.(He opened his wall and showed the people who have liked the status.) Kamala Raju, Priya Baskaran and Lalitha Vasudev -  three girls. These three girls used to like whatever crap I update on facebook. These three are not closest to me as well. They are indirectly saying to me something. I will wait for hundred statuses, if they like all of them, then I will start chatting with them. This is called as Sanjay's theory of acquaintance to chat friend. How is it? If one put status on importance of education and importance of gender equality, they will keep him in good books but they will still remain 'know him but not friend/ boyfriend' kind. If someone continuously likes these kind of status, then chances of couplehood are there."
"Just kidding. It has become an addiction."

The car went past Hosur. Tamil film songs of 1980s were played on the audio system.
"Hoggenakkal is such a scenic beauty. I visited three to four years back. But there is no such crowd over there. People are very minimal. I don't know why people are not coming out there in numbers.", said Ananth
"How many people in the state knows that there is a place called Hoggenakkal? It is good that the crowd is less. Let it be less polluted.", said Sanjay.

'Reached Hoggenakkal. This place is awesome. Next - Coracle ride and some photos for dp in facebook. Feeling excited.' updated Sanjay's facebook status.

The gang went on coracle ride. Mithun clicked the scenic beauty though his SLR.
'This is too good. Wow! Will you take us to that place where water falls ' asked Ananth. Water started to sprinkle on them when they went closer. The coracle paddler made the coracle to rotate exactly where the water fell. This rotational movement added fun.
Thanks Arjun Samy Photography (facebook page)

Then the coracle reached a small island where people took bath.
The friends spent nearly thirty minutes in the river and started to head back to starting point by coracle.
'Saw group of youngsters pouring beer at the river in Hoggenakal. When I asked them why, they replied that they are making everyone drunken by adding it to water so that many people will drink beer. Where is our youngsters heading to? Our nation wants to know', updated Sanjay's fourth status of the day.

"Ananth, what about a profile picture sitting on that cliff?", asked Sanjay.
"Sure. That will be great."
They reached the starting point and started to walk to bathing area in the falls. They saw people taking photographs near the cliff .
Thanks- Sankara Subramanian

Sanjay and Mithun decided to go there. Sanjay started to go near the cliff.
The lady who sells Guava and cut mangoes over there stopped him and cautioned, "Son. Don't go too close to the cliff. Couple of weeks back, a boy of your age came with camera. To take photograph, he went closer to the cliff. Seeing the place through lens, he did not see the tip and fell into the water. Still now, their family have not got his body."
"Granny. I know swimming.", said Sanjay and went to the cliff. He felt something flying in head as he went near the cliff. He sat there and asked Mithun to take the photograph.
Thanks-Arjun Samy Photography (Facebook page)

Mithun took a snap of him and asked Sanjay to get back. When Sanjay stood up, a small piece of stone near his leg fell down to the river. Seeing that somehow, he lost the balance and fell into the river.
"I warned him twice. I warned him twice. Go and meet the rescue people immediately atleast to get his body.", yelled the Granny.
"Don't say that old lady. He knows swimming."
"Did you see the force of water? It is also full of rocks over there? Don't mistake me. Go to the rescue team. Let his parents see atleast his body for one last time."

Mithun ran to the rescue team and informed the incident. Knowing the incident, Ananth and Gaurav came to the spot. The search went on for two hours.

After two months, Mithun opened his facebook wall.
It said Sanjay Subramaniam updated his profile picture four minutes ago. The photo that he took in Hoggenakkal. When he was seeing this, he received a message in chat from Sanjay Subramaniam, "Hi. How are you? Two days since it has been. Long gap. Isn't it? Sorry for that."

In his room's wall, there was a photo of Sanjay Subramaniam hanging (taken in Hoggenakkal) and it is printed like, "You might have gone to grave. But you live with me forever."

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

கேள்வியும் பதிலும்


கண்ணிருந்தும் குருடன்
காதிருந்தும்  செவிடு
வாயிருந்தும் ஊமை
இது மூச்சுவிடும் பிணங்களின் பூமி

காவலாளி திருடன்
அரசியல் வியாதி
சாக்கடைலாம் நல்லவன்
காசிருந்தா நீ சாமி
நல்ல மனசெதுக்கு ஆசாமி

சட்டையெல்லாம் கிழிஞ்சி நாயோட சேந்துச்
சோறுத்திம்பான் பிச்சைக்காரன்
ஏசி ரூமில் இருந்து நாலு ஃபுல்லப் போட்டு
ஃபிக்சிங் பண்ணாப் பணக்காரன்

நல்லவழிப்போயிக் கியூவுலத்தான் நின்னு
வேல செஞ்சா அவன் - பொழைக்கத்தெரியாதவன்
அடியில துட்டு கைமேல துட்டு
அப்டி இப்டின்னு செஞ்சா- கெட்டிக்காரன்

நீ வாயத்திறந்து தட்டிக் கேட்டா
நாலு நாளு நியூசு
அஞ்சா நாளு வேற நியூசு
உன் நியூசு ஃபியூசு

எங்கடாப் போகுது உலகம்
எங்கடாப் போகுது உலகம்
எங்கடாப் போகுது உலகம்
எங்கடாப் போகுது உலகம்?


தப்புன்னு நினைச்சாச்
சட்டுன்னுக் கேளு
சரியின்னுப் படும் வர
வாயத்திறந்து கேளு
நியூசு ஃபியூசாப் போனாத்
திருப்பித் திருப்பிக் கேளு

நல்லதப் பாத்தா
வாயத்திறந்துப் புகழு 
நல்லவைகள் எழுது
நல்லவைகள் பேசு
நல்லவைகள் பாடு
நல்லவைகள் எண்ணு
நல்லவனா வாழு

நல்லவர் நிறைய
நல்ல ரத்தம் பாயும்
கெட்ட சுவாசம் போகும்
உலகமே மகிழும்

இங்க நானும் நல்லவன்
அங்க நீயும் நல்லவன்
அவன் நல்லவன் இவன் நல்லவன்
என நல்லவர் உலகம் ஆகும்
மனம் தான் முதலென ஆகும்
பணம் தான் தூசியாப் போகும்
அதனாலத் தப்பே இல்லாமப்  போகும்

வாய்த்திற மனிதா வாய்த்திற மனிதா
வாய்த்திற மனிதா
பூமி ஆகும் சுத்தம் பூமி ஆகும் சுத்தம்
பூமி ஆகும் சுத்தம்