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ஐயப்பனுக்கு சஹானா மாலை

பாடல் எழுத காரணம் 

                         சமீப காலமாக சஹானா ராகம் மீது ஓர் அலாதி பிரியம். சஹானாவில் வந்த திரைப்பாடல்களை சேகரித்து வந்தேன். இதே நேரத்தில் சென்ற வாரம் சபரிமலை சென்று வந்தேன். கோவிலில் ஐயப்பன் பாடல்கள் ஒலிக்கும். மலையாளத்தில் யேசுதாஸ் சஹானா ராகத்தில் பாடிய பாடல் ஒன்றை ஒலிபரப்பினார்கள். தமிழில் ஐயப்பனுக்கு சஹானாவில் பாடல் உள்ளதா என தேடலானேன். வீரமணி அவர்களின் பள்ளிக்கட்டு சபரிமலைக்கு பாடல் தொகுப்பில் ஐயப்பனை காண வாருங்கள் என்ற பாடலில் ராகமாலிகாவில் தொகையறா இருக்கும். அதில் சஹானாவும் உண்டு. அனால் சஹானாவில் முழுபாடல் கிடையாது. எழுதுவோமே என இன்று எழுதலானேன்.

                   இந்த பாடலை தமிழ் சினிமாவில் முதல் சஹானாவான கண்ணகி திரைபடத்தின் "பத்தினியே உன்போல்" பாடலின் மெட்டை மனதில் கொண்டு எழுதி இருக்கிறேன். அதன் வீ டியோவை இங்கு இணைக்கிறேன். அதே மெட்டில் பாடி சஹானாவை அனுபவியுங்கள். இறை அருள் பெறுங்கள்.


ஐயப்பனை உள்ளம் நித்தமும் நினைத்தால்
பாவங்கள் நீங்கிடுமே
சுவாமி ஐயப்பனை உள்ளம் நித்தமும் நினைத்தால்
பாவங்கள் நீங்கிடுமே
சுவாமி ஐயப்பனை


சரண கோஷமே அவனுக்கு பிடிக்கும்
சரண கோஷமே அவனுக்கு பிடிக்கும்
அவன் பெயர் சொன்னால் நம் மனம் குளிரும்
அவன் பெயர் சொன்னால் நம் மனம் குளிரும்


அன்னைக்கு புலிப்பால் தந்திட்ட தெய்வம்
வாவரன் தோழன் ஒப்பற்ற தெய்வம்
அன்னைக்கு புலிப்பால் தந்திட்ட தெய்வம்
வாவரன் தோழன் ஒப்பற்ற தெய்வம்
பந்தளம் தனிலே வாழ்ந்திட்ட தெய்வம்
பந்தளம் தனிலே வாழ்ந்திட்ட தெய்வம்
வாழ்வில் சிறந்திட வழிபுரி நாளும்
வாழ்வில் சிறந்திட வழிபுரி நாளும்


ஐயப்பனை உள்ளம் நித்தமும் நினைத்தால்
பாவங்கள் நீங்கிடுமே
சுவாமி ஐயப்பனை
                                                  -இரமணன் கோத்தது 

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The Battle of Gods

Disclaimer: This story is not intended to defame any religion or God. It is an imaginative explosion based on the destruction of once the world's biggest and richest religious monument Koneswaram temple of present Srilanka and four other temples in the same country which together called as "Five Eshwarams". According to historian Fernão de Quieroz, "Koneswaram was once Rome of the Hindus more frequented by pilgrims."  

16th century
Trivandrum, a town of Travancore Kingdom                 
                               "Kankan!! This year for the new year day, you have to take me to Eelanadu(Jaffna Kingdom).We have to go to all five Eshwarams and we have to be in Koneswaram for the new year day. I have to see Lord Shiva in that huge chariot.", said Veeravalli to her son. Veeravalli was an aged woman of Thiruvaiyaru of Chola Kingdom and later settled in Trivandrum. "There is Shive temple even in Sucheendram. We can go there. Why should we go such a distance?" asked Kankan. Veeravalli replied, "Your father took me to Koneswaram before he died out of illness. I was pregnant then. It is a huge temple. Even bigger than our street. Our forefathers did the gold plating for the tower of that temple.It is the only temple to have gold platted towers. It has been 20 years since I went there. People from all over the world will come to worship the God during the new year day. Your father asked me to promise that I should take you to Koneswaram temple. I don't feel well nowadays. It is my duty to take you there before I die."

 Thiruketheeswaram, western coastal town of Jaffna Kingdom                                 
                               "Some white coloured foreigners have visited the town. They said they have come here to do business and asked me to stay with them and help them to see places. They said they will give me more rewards if I do so." said Ellalan to his friends. "Which kingdom are they from?" asked Kumaran, one of his friends. "Portugal. They came here after travelling for eight months. My plan is to take them to Pancheswaram.(5 Eswarams)", replied Ellalan.
                               "This country did not worship Jesus it seems. There was not even a single church. We have to construct one." said Fredrick to Constantino. "Whom do they worship?" asked Thome De Souza. "They worship Siva as in Malabar. There is also a group of people who worship Budha." replied Fredrick.
"I will make everyone here to worship Jesus. I will spread the Jesus and Christianity in the entire world." shouted Constantino. Ellalan entered the room during the conversation. He accepted to help them in visiting places. He was given training to speak and understand Portuguese. 
                                After two months, Ellalan said about the five Eshwarams Koneswaram, Naguleswaram, Ketheeswaram, Munneswaram and Thondeswaram to Constantino. He did not know about the plans of Constantino. According to him, they are the foreigners who came to Jaffna to do business. A group of Portuguese with nearly 2000 people visited all the temples. Constantino was stunned at the richness of the temples. Everyone welcomed the Portuguese in the grand manner treating them as guests. One of the Portuguese drew the diagrams of the temples and took it with them.

                         "Mom. I've arranged for Koneswaram trip. We are starting in two days. Manikandan and Sivachidambaram will also accompany us. If you accept, I will ask Madhumathi if she can come with us. " said Kankan to Veeravalli. 
                         "She worship lord Vishnu. Why should she come with us? I don't accept."
                         "It was you who told me that Rama worshipped Siva in Rameswaram. It was you who said Koneswaram is ancient and holistic than Rameswaram. When Rama a form of Vishnu can worship Siva, why can't she worship? You also said Siva and Vishnu are in-laws."
                         "Let her come. Don't teach stuffs to me."

On the way back to Thiruketheeswaram
                        "Sir. Koneswarar temple is the biggest Siva temple in the world. For the new year day, the God will come in a chariot. You saw the chariot. The huge one. You remember. The wealth of the temple is very large. So that even ten big rooms are not sufficient to hold its belongings." said Ellalan to Constantino.
                        "Is it on January first?"
                        "No.Chithirai first. Exactly six days from now."
                        "Chitharey first?"
                        "Yes Dravidian new year."
                        "I like to see it."

                        "This is the time. The time has come. The moron Ellalan did not know our plan and showed the route for temples. Come tomorrow we will loot Thiruketheeswaram and before the new year day we will loot the other four temples. I will kick the Siva statue and will have Jesus Christ in the same place at Koneswaram. The earth's biggest religious monument will be a church in Eelam. Ha ha ha. For Jesus, the almighty", said Constantino in Portuguese to his troop. 
                         Ellalan for the first time came to know the plan of the Portuguese. He ran to the main town and said the issue to his friends. He asked everyone to take the weapons and get ready for a battle. He asked  his friends Kumaran, Kadhirkaman, Marthandan, Senapathi to go to Koneswaram, Thondeswaram, Naguleshwaram and  Munneswaram respectively to safeguard the temple and its belongings.
                         He also said to them, "For the new year day function, people will come like an ocean. It is we who can protect them."
                          After sending their friends to respective places, he went to the Portuguese place. He saw many new people and many new weapons and many new chariot kind of weapons. Some were using the weapon and pointing it towards concentric circles. When they push a button, a sound came. He went to Constantino and asked what was it. He said , "Gun. If we shoot someone with it, they will die within few minutes. That too if we shoot near heart, the person will die in a second. These are bombs. These are tankers." Ellalan understood it would be more difficult to save the temple and many people will lose their life due to these people.  Ellalan said he would like to be a Christian and he would help him in spreading Christianity. 
                        Ellalan ran to temple priest home and asked him to take all temple jewels  and idols and hide those somewhere. They both ran to temple and took all the jewels and the light weighing idols with them. They dug the land far away from temple near burial ground and placed all jewels and idols they took with them.He tied a horse in the tree near to the place.

The next day
                       "I am Senapathi. I'm from Thiruketheeswaram. The Portuguese who have visited the temple last week have decided to destroy the temple and make it a church. They are coming here from Thiruketheeswaram to destroy the temple. We can protect it if we plan well.", said Senapathi to the people of Munneswaram.
                       They said they will support him and help him by all means. Senapathi didn't know that they have deadly weapons. 

On the way to Naguleshwaran
                       Marthandan was bitten by a snake on the way to Naguleshwaram. He was down and was very sad that he could not save the temple and God. He killed himself by removing his head from his body with the sword.

On the way to Thondeswaram
                        Kadhirkaman was known for riding the horse very fast. Ellalan sent him to Thondeswaram, the place with longest distance so that he can reach there very quick. He reached Thondeswaram. He gathered all small kings and soldiers on the way saying the danger that they're going to meet. Everyone joined him to safeguard the Thondeswaram temple. He sent half of the soldiers to Koneswaram as many people will visit there and as it was the most important temple.
Temple picture drawn by a Portuguese
On the way to Koneswaram
                         Kumaran knew Ellalan very well and is the best friend of him. The only thing in his mind was to safeguard the temple. Kadhirkaman said to him that he would come there with the soldiers and kings of all the small kingdoms after they win the battle in Thondeswaram. He reached the temple. The temple was getting ready for the new year day. He said to the temple head about the danger. They were not ready to believe his word and started to continue their works.
Temple picture drawn by Constantino

                              Constantino and the Portuguese troop along with Ellalan went to the temple. They looted all the remaining jewels that the priest and Ellalan left the previous day. Constantino looked the amount of jewels. It was huge for him. "It is a smaller temple when compared to Koneswaram. Imagine the amount of jewel we'll get there. Everything for Jesus Christ. Hallelujah." Everyone repeated, "Hallelujah." He saw the Siva linga idol of the temple. Ellalan did not take it the previous day as it is huge and difficult to transport. Constantino got an idea. He asked every one from the town to come to temple. He pissed at the idol of Lord Siva saying, "Hallelujah." He called people one by one. He asked them to convert to Christianity  and piss at the idol. If they don't do so he would cut the penis of the person. If it was a female, he would cut one of their breasts. He asked the temple priest to covert to Christianity promising it to the Bible. He didn't. Constantino cut the penis of the priest. Constantino turned to Ellalan. Ellalan felt he had to accept this if he had to save other temples and if he neglecte this, he would not be surviving to save others. Portuguese there didn't know Tamil and he used this opportunity to say the people what was happening. He said to people, " என் மக்களே இந்த சதி காரர்கள் இதே போல் மற்ற ஈஸ்வரங்களையும் அழிக்க நினைக்கிறார்கள். இப்போதைக்கு  ஒற்று கொள்ளுங்கள். குருக்களின் குறியினை அறுத்தவர்கள் பிணத்தை  பூச்சிகளுக்கு உணவாக்குவோம்."("My people. This cruel guys are planning to destroy other Eswarams like this. Just say yes to them now. We will give their dead bodies as feast to insects"). Constantino asked him what did he say. He replied, "I asked them to accept so that they can get good benefits from your majesty and I also said Eswaran is just an idol and a framed story." Every others accepted to change to Christianity. Ellalan became Albert. The Portuguese were very happy. They destroyed the entire temple. Constantino ordered to use the same stones to construct the church.  They started to construct the church in the same place. Constantino ordered Fredrick and Thome de Souza to go to Munneswaram and  Thondeswaram and get all the wealths from there. "Make them churches. Hallelujah." yelled Constantino. They kept the statue of Jesus Christ in the place of Siva statue temporarily at Thiruketheeswaram. Constantino asked everyone to kneel down and pray to Jesus. Constantino asked Ellalan to accompany a group of soldiers to attack and erect church at Naguleswaran. Constatntino said he himself would go to Koneswaram after two days and the attack there would be on April 12th.  He asked all the troops to come to Koneswaram at 12th.

The next day April 10th 
"Mom, we have to start today evening. The king has arranged 50 ships to Koneswaram.", said Kankan to Veeravalli. He continued, " I am going to inform this to Manikandan, Sivachidambaram and Madhumathi." "Ask them to take necessary dress for two weeks.", replied Veeravalli.

                          "They can come at anytime. Be ready with all your swords. Let show them who we are.", said Senapathi to the crowd. Everyone were ready for sending the Portuguese back. The Portuguese troop headed by Fredrick and Thome de Souza reached before the temple gate where Senapathi and local villagers were waiting. Senapathi identified the troop. He went to front and said, "Hey Portuguese demons. I heard that your religion says if somebody hits you in a chin, show your other chin. But you people are trying to destroy the temple and to kill everyone. In our religion, Gods take birth to kill the demons. You are the demons and you have to be killed." He picked the sword in his hand. One of the Portuguese soldiers took his pistol and shot exactly at Senapathi's forehead where he had his holy ash. He also said, "I don't like people who talk much.".  The people in the field thought it was a magic equipment. They continued to fight. Fredrick asked the people to stop and said, "See. Your God never saved you when you are attacked. Don't believe him. People who want to become Christian and be alive go inside the temple. Others please wait and get shot." Many ran into the temple and some were left in the field. Fredrick took his pistol and shot each one of them. Meanwhile, few of the people who ran into the temple took the jewels of god and some idols and jumped over the compound wall at the other side in order to safeguard them. Everyone there were converted to Christianity. They erected the statue of Jesus at the place where idol of Siva was placed.

On the way to Naguleswaram 
                         Ellalan took his troop towards Naguleswaram.  He was accompanied with 500 soldiers, four boxes of bombs and ten tankers. Each soldier had rifle gun with them. Ellalan thought of misleading the troop to some other place. But some of them accompanied him when he took Constantino to all the temples. So he has to plan some other thing. Five local villagers accompanied Ellalan along with the soldiers. 
                         He got an idea and called the five villagers who were accompanying to cook. He said to the chief cook. "Chokkaa! You can stop these brutes from attacking the temples. Add poisonous leaves along with curry leaves for the lunch. Give them the food. They'll die and we can take all the weapons from them. We can go with the weapons and save everyone at Koneswaram.". Chokkan accepted to do so.
                         Chokkan and other cooks served food for the Portuguese. They took the food and everyone were fainted. Kankan thought the food would not be poisonous enough to kill the persons. So he removed the heads of all 500 Portuguese soldiers with his sword. He took the gun from all dead bodies. He said in anger, "You the pigs who made us to piss on Siva idol! I'll remove the head of each Portuguese left here and make the animals here to piss on you pigs." 
                         One of the cooks took the boxes which contained bombs and put the bombs aside. He took the rifles and placed in all the boxes. They headed towards the port to catch a ship so that they can reach Koneswaram in time.

                        The persons who were escaped from Munneswaram reached Thondeswaram with the jewels and idols. They said about the weapon they used to kill people. Soldiers and kings of twelve small kingdoms were present in Thondeswaram. Kadhirkaman asked half of them to start immediately to Koneswaram as he felt the attack of Constantino will be severe there. Jayaveerasinghe, the Sinhalese king of South led the troop that was leaving Koneswaram.      
                        There were 3000 soldiers and eight kings present in the field. They waited at the top of the mountain which Portuguese has to pass through. The strategy was to attack all the Portuguese from mountain before they reach mountain top. Portuguese came to vicinity of Kadhirkaman. Kadhirkaman, Markandeyan and Ellalan are the best known fighters of Eelanadu. Kadhirkaman is the best on framing strategies. He ordered the soldiers to shot the arrows at the Portuguese. The Portuguese soldiers started to die after shot by poisonous arrows. They did not know who were shooting the arrows. They marched front wearing their protective jackets against the direction of arrows. Kadhirkaman noted that they were wearing protective jackets. The number of Portuguese soldiers was very less. Kadhirkaman calculated it to be somewhere near 500. He said to his fellow soldiers and kings, "We were 3000 and they were lesser than 500 and few of them were already killed. I want 2000 of you and all kings to start to Koneswaram.  This is the best service we can do to God. Save Pancha eswaram. Kill the enemies." 
                       People started to move as ordered by Kadhirkaman. The soldiers started to shoot the arrows at the Portuguese. They were shocked as none of them died even the arrow was poisonous. Kadhirkaman came to know about the protective jackets. He said about the protective jackets to the soldiers. He came to know that his plan is going to be a failure. 
                        He called all the soldiers and said, "The brave and strong fighters. The Saviors of the land. The protectors of God. This the time we have to show them what will happen if they do evils against Eshwara. They are the demons. They are the Narakasuras. They are the Ravanas. Go kill them. They are less than 500. We are 1000. Don't be afraid of their weapons. March front with a fire. Take the swords. Take the javelins. Take the bow and arrows. Let kill the demons and let us celebrate the Diwali(Indian festival of lights today). Start the attack."   
                        The soldiers started to run towards the Portuguese. The tankers started to fire. The Eela soldiers started to to die in numbers. Though they started march front without any fear. Kathirkaman told the soldiers to attack at their faces as the remaining body is covered by protective dress. 
                        "Your arrows and javelins should shot at their eyes. Save the sword to kill them after we reach near them.", ordered Kathirkaman to the soldiers. The Portuguese shot at them vigorously. The sound came from the shots of rifles, tankers and bombs without an end. Many Eela soldiers were shot dead. 
                        "Their weapons are very week. We have to use the advantage of our weapons. See they are able to shot exactly at your eyes. Put your heads down. Let us wait till they reach here. Kill each of that piece of shit when they come closer. Put your head down", said Thome De Souza to his millitary. 
                        A javelin exactly fell on his throat after he finished to order and he died at once. Fredrick became more anger. He threw bombs at the Kadhirkaman's army. Many died. Only 46 survived when they reached near them. Kadhirkaman took his sword and started to fight. He killed as many as 32 Portuguese soldiers. 17 bullets were shot at him. But he still continued to fight. Blood stopped coming out of his body as there was no blood remaining to be shed. He fell down with his eyes open. The remaining 6 Eela soldiers killed many Portuguese soldiers before they were shot.  Only 37 Portuguese soldiers and Fredrick were left alive. They came to know that the news have spread and it would not be easy to destroy Koneswaram temple. Fredrick took the sword of Kathirkaman. He said, "He is the great fighter I have ever seen. He has to be buried with respect."  They destroyed the temple and buried Kathirkaman with 12 bullet shots. Fredrick wrote in the sword as "The Sword of World's Greatest Fighter". Fredrick took all the jewels and idols.

                       People started to reach Koneswaram for the new year day celebrations. No one is ready to accept the words of Kumaran. At that time, the first half the army sent by Kathirkaman from small kingdoms reached the temple. Jayaveerasinghe, one of the kings came and said to the temple head, "We are sent by the warrior Kathirkaman. The temple is under danger. We are here to protect the temple. Let the festival continue. Kathirkaman went to Thondeswaram with 3000 soldiers. By this time, they would have killed all foreigners and will be coming here." 
                        There were lakhs of people in Koneswaram from all over the world. They used to celebrate new year by worshipping Koneswarar and Madhumathyamman(Goddess) and go on a pilgrimage to the remaining Eswarams. Temple was shining gold. There were hundreds of musicians playing Nadhaswaram(Indian wind instrument). The preparatory poojas are conducted by pandits. Thousands of pandits from all over the world will join them.

                      Fredrick sent a soldier after they attacked Senapathi at Munneswaram doubting Ellalan doing something against them. He came to Constantino and said about the happenings to him. He thought the ways by which he can enter Koneswaram temple. He also knew it would not be easy since Ellalan and his friends would have gathered all soldiers of the country in Koneswaram. Four Brahmin pandits who have come for the new year day visited the Thiruketheeswaram temple. The Portuguese soldier took them to Constantino. He came to know that they were pandits on the way to Koneswaram. He killed them and took the dresses from them. He called Karthyayani, wife of Ellalan to his room. He shot her. Karthyayani was just married and she was pregnant then. 
                      He collected the pandit dresses from all the pandits of Thiruketheeswaram. 100 soldiers and he were dressed like Pandits. He ordered them to start to Koneswaram now and said the attack will be on 11th since no one would expect that move from them.

April 11th
On the way to Koneswaram
Naguleswaram - Midnight
                      Ellalan waited for ship or boat since it would be safer than land route since Portuguese knew the route and could attack him. He saw a ship coming towards the port.He went near the ship. He saw many people in the ship. He said them, "Emergency and danger. We have to move to Koneswaram as soon as possible. Because of some cruel foreigners' desire, the temples are being destroyed. They are in a plan to destroy Koneswaram temple as well. We have to be there. Please let us go to Koneswaram in your ship."
One of the guys from the ship came and said,  "We are on the way to Koneswaram. The captain wanted to take rest. So we boarded here. Luckily it helped you. Take the ship and we'll accompany you. We'll make the old, children and ladies to stay here and let us start now." One old lady came from the ship and said, " Hey Kankan! I'm not going to get down here. My God is on trouble there. You want me to get down. I'm Veeravalli. I think you know the meaning of Veeram(In Tamil - Strength or brave)." Everyone in the ship stayed and started towards Koneswaran.
                      Kankan asked, " What is your name? Where are you from? What is the problem?"
           Ellalan said his name and the troubles they were undergone by Consatantino and his paln to attack all Eshwarams. He continued, "I've sent my friends to all places. I don't know what happened to them and the temples. I didn't find Marthandan here. I'll come to know their whereabouts if I am alive and if I kill Constantino."
                       Ellalan asked, "What is your name?"
                       Kankan replied, "Kankan." 
                       "Kankan. The name of the Chola king who renovated the temple 1200 years back. Kankan. Kankan. God has sent you here for something special. Something is going to happen in the coming week."
                       Kankan intrroduced Madhumathi to Ellalan. "Madhumathi is the name of the Goddess of the temple. Really I feel something is going to happen because of you."
                       Ellalan took a rifle from the box and taught the persons in the ship how it should be used. There were 20 people from Trivandrum in the ship apart from Ellalan and the cooks.
                       He kept a box in the ship and drew concentric circles. Everyone learnt how to use rifles by shooting at the box made of steel.                 

Fredrick and his troop
                          Fredrick headed towards Koneswaram from Thondeswaram. He threw his sword away and kept the sword of Kathirkaman. On the way they saw some 200 tents, horse, elephants and weapons outside each tent.  Fredrick asked one of his soldiers to go and see whom they're.
                          The soldier came back and said, "They are dressed like soldiers whom we fought with at Thondeswaram. It is not safe to leave them alive. I've added poison to the tank from where one of the soldiers took water. The poison is so powerful. It is slow killer. They'll die exactly after six hours they drink the water." 
                         "It is always risk to believe the poison. I don't want one more fighter like Kadhirkaman to come and fight with us. Fire the tents with the tankers. Kill everyone.", ordered Fredrick 
                          Ten tankers fired at the tents continuously and everyone were killed. The animals which were tied where not able to escape. Fredrick started to Koneswaram from there and he thought it won't be easy. 

Constatino and his troop
                             Constantino had more than 1000 soldiers in the troop. 100 of them were dressed like pandit. Constantino stopped everyone and said, " My fellow Christians. The children of God. We are the ambassador of God. We make everyone in the world to follow Christianity. Tomorrow is the day. Koneswaram is the biggest religious monument in the world. But Jesus is not there. It is we who have to destroy that temple. We have to erect Jesus idol at the same place where Siva is there. Let me tell the plan to you. Me and others who have dressed like pandits will go into the temple and kill everyone there. They won't doubt us as we are dressed like pandits. Others will start to attack on you thinking that you are Portuguese. We will destroy the temple meanwhile. After we destroy the temple and loot the jewels and idols, I'll place the jewels near Siva idol guarded by two of us. We'll come from behind and will start to attack . We'll kill everyone of them. No more Koneswaram. Hallelujah!" 
                        Everyone shouted, "Hallelujah" and started towards Koneswaram.

Some time in afternoon
                           Kumaran said to the warriors who have reached Koneswaram, "Warriors! The plan of Portuguese is to attack the temple before Tamil new year day which is three days from now. They can come at anytime. My other friends have not reached so far. Kathirkaman is the best known warriors of our kingdom. If  he've not come yet he should be killed. They should be stronger than us. We have to give all our best to protect this holy place. Be ready for the war."
                           The Portuguese people who are dressed like pandit started to enter the temple. They got good respect. People over there thought they're pandits coming from a distant place to worship God. After they entered the temple, a gunshot was heard near the ground that is some 1 km away from the temple. Kumaran left some 200 soldiers along with Jayaveerasinghe and took all others to the ground. They did not know anything about the guns. The Portuguese shot everyone they found on the way. The army of 2500 soldiers with Kumaran reached the field. Portuguese opened the tankers and threw bomb at them. Their attack went very aggressive. They killed almost everyone. There were 70 tankers opening fire continuously. 
                           Constantine and other Portuguese who have enterd the temple started to kill the people inside the temple. During that time, only pandits were allowed inside the temple. So there were no common people inside the temple.Jayaveerasinghe ran into the temple with the soldiers. He is known for his fast reflexes and he was able to escape from all the bullets fired at him. He killed Portuguese with his sword.  
                           The temple was very near to the port. The ship in which Kankan came, reached the port. He heard sounds of bullet shots and tanker fires. He asked everyone in the ship to take as many rifles as possible and kill every Portuguese over there. Kankan heard sounds of pistol fire from the temple as well. He asked everyone to go to temple and they've to save atleast jewels and idols.
                           Ellalan entered the temple and saw Buddhist king killing the pandits. He grew in anger and shot the king with his rifle. He said, "We are trying to save our God. This Buddhist moron is helping those Portuguese". He saw the face of pandit and he was a Portuguese soldier. He said to him, "You made me to kill a nice person. I won't leave even a single person alive." He started to shoot at all the Portuguese. Constantine escaped from there to get more soldiers with them. 
                             Veeravalli saw two Portuguese trying to break the Siva idol. She ran towards them and shot at one of them. The other guy shot Veeravalli and she died at once. Seeing this, Kankan came and shot the Portuguese. He saw  numerous jewels and even the Gold plate of the tower made by his forefathers kept in the room. Kankan called Ellalan and Madhumathi  to the room. Kankan, Ellalan and Madhumathi are the persons who are remaining alive in the temple.
                             In the battle field, the Portuguese killed every single person. Fredrick and army have joined them in meanwhile. He said to everyone about the warrior Kadhirkaman. They saw Constantino running towards them. 
                            Ellalan wanted to protect atleast the temple jewels and idols. He filled the jewels and the idols in the huge boxes and sent them with Kankan and Madhumathi. He said, "The firing sounds from the battle field have stopped. They must be coming here to kill me. Go out of here before they reach here. There is an underground passage which leads to the port. I've kept the jewels and idols of Thiruketheeswaram near the burrial ground of the town. I've tied a horse nearby the place for identification. Take them. Give it to your king and ask him to get them back when the temple is renovated. Eshwara will not be silent after seeing this. Truth will triumph. This is my sword. Give it to my wife Karthyayani. This is for my child which is she going to give birth."  Kankan and Madhumathi went with idols and jewels that they can carry and left few so that doubts won't be arisen.
                           Ellalan went outside the temple. Hundreds of soldiers were marching towards him. He tried to shoot hmself. But there were no bullets in the rifle. Fredrick ran towards him and cut his head with Kathirkaman's sword.
Tamil new year Day
Travancore palace - Trivandrum
                         "I want to see and give some stuff to the king.", said Kankan to the security. The security got the permission from the king and asked them to go and meet him. Kankan and Madhumathi went to meet the king. King asked them, "Why should you want to meet me?"
                         "Your majesty. We went to Pancheswaram to worship for new year day. Foreigners came and attack all those temple and converted them to churches. One of the guys from there saved the jewels and idols of  Koneswaram and Thiruketheeswaram temples. He said me to hand over those to you. We have left the jewels in the ship. The ship is full of golden and diamond jewels. You and other kings should go there and fight them. So that the temples can be renovated and the jewels and idols can be taken back to the temple."
                         "I'll do it for sure.Do anybody else know about this?" asked the king.
                         "No", said Madhumathi.
                          The king took his sword and killed both of them. He called one of the securities and said, "There will be a ship in the port with full of diamond and golden jewels. Even idols will be there. Take them and keep it in the secret room. They are all for our kingdom and Padhmanba swamy."
                          The security did so and came back with securities who helped him to transfer the jewels to the temple. He gave the key of secret rooms to the king. King ordered other security to kill them at once saying," Kill these guys. They're trying to take the secret room key from here and I've caught them."  He killed all the securities at once. 


True facts:
                Constantino and a group of people destroyed Koneswaram temple dressed like priests. All other characters and incidents are fictious 
                Thiruketheeswaram, Koneswaram and Munneswaram temples are renovated by Local Tamils.
                Thondeswaram has a Budhist temple at the same place where the temple was demolished.
                Naguleswaram was not attacked by the Portuguese. It has been destroyed by Srilankan army in the recent Eelam fights.
                Please go through the wiki links  KoneswaramThiruketheeswaramMunneswaramThondeswaram and Naguleswaram to know more facts.

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தாலி சமூகத்திற்க்கான ஓர் அடையாளம்
என்றும் தொடரும் அன்யோன்யம்
நல்வாழ்விற்கு அடையாளம்
என சொன்னார் ஒரு பெரியவர்.

கேட்டொருவன் வினவினான்
கழுத்தில் தாலியை காணோம்
காலில் மெட்டியை காணோம்
இருந்தும் மாதம் ஆறு.
திருமணம் செய்யாமலே
அன்யோன்யம் மட்டும்
போதுமென நிலை வருதே?

பெரியவர் ஏதோ சொல்ல வாயெடுக்க
தப்புடா அம்பி
எழுதும்போது க் ச்
விட்டா தப்பில்ல
ஒரு பொண்ண
அப்பிடி விட்டுட்டா தப்பு
கல்யாணம் பண்ணலைனா விடு
ரெண்டாயிரம் கொடு
சீமந்தத்தயாவது ஸ்தாத்தோத்தரமா
பண்ணிடறேனென சொன்னார்
ஓர் அந்தணர்.

படிப்போர் கவனத்திற்கு:
வேண்டுமென்றே ஒற்று(ப்)பிழைகள்  விட(ப்)பட்டுள்ளன.