Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The one and a half hours (From ten eyes)

The first and second eye - Subha Hariharan, 29 years old......

                   "Adhithya! See the clock. Small hand is at 9 and long hand is at 12. Go to room and take all the necessary books for tomorrow's class. Help Anirudh too. Anirudh show your timetable to Anna" said Subha to her children. It has been a week since they have shifted to the new house. Own house!! Super Singer program has started in the television. The full focus went towards the TV. Subha went to kitchen to wash the dishes. She shouted from the kitchen, "Adhithya, have you taken the books according to timetable?" No replies from the other side. She asked Adhithya again. She had no replies. She moved to their bedroom scolding their kids. The door was closed. She tried to open the door and found that it is locked from inside. The lock is of knob type which will get locked if pressed from inside the room. She shouted to open the door once again. But it is of no use as the room is a sound proof one and no transfer of sound will take place from either side of the room. She knocked the door. Knocking sound can be heard if the person is close to the door. But she didn't get any reply even then. Hari was seeing TV in the hall. Hearing all these he came and asked Subha about the happenings. He said her to calm down and took the keys of the door lock. He tried to open the door. But still the door was not opened. Subha started to cry now. It was second time this type of incident happened to her. Five years back, Adhithya went missing in a relative's marriage. Anirudh was not born then. They searched for more than 20 minutes but was not able to find him. One of the relatives found him relaxing inside the water tank. Water was there upto his chest. "I should have been careful. I played with his life in Bhuvana's marriage due to my carelessness. Here once again. He has Wheezing trouble as well. AC is not switched on. They'll be dying out of suffocation. Anirudh is a small kid. He even don't know if he is hunger or not.", said Subha. She started crying "Muruga! Ayyo!!!" She took the photo of their kids taken on Anirudh's first birthday. Her eyes are wide open. It did not blink even a single time. 

 "It's 9:30. They used to sleep at this time. I don't know what they are doing. Normally, Anirudh will not sleep if I am not there. They are alone and the power will shut down at 10 for half an hour. If anything happens to them, I'll not be alive." said Subha to Hari.  The carpenter from the local place came to the home. He saw the lock. He said, "It is a new kind of lock. I don't know the technique of opening it. We can break the lock using machine. But I didn't bring it. Give me ten minutes. I'll bring the drilling machine and we can break it." Subha went into prayer room and started saying Kandha Sashti Kavasam. The carpenter came in. At the time he plugged the machine, the power was gone. She started crying again. She too has Wheezing trouble and she started to wheeze. The construction engineer came to home and saw what was the problem. Power came back. They drilled the lock. Door was opened. Adhithya and Anirudh were...

The third and fourth eye - Hariharan, 34 years and 
The fifth and sixth eye - Vishwanathan, 48 years.

             The time was 9 PM. Hariharan was taking bath. Hari and family moved to Chennai from Coimbatore 7 days back. Hari was not able to tolerate the humidity of Chennai. It is the third time for the day he is taking bath. He sat in the hall seeing the Super Singer. After some time, he heard Subha knocking the door and shouting something in fear. He ran towards her. He asked Subha what had happened and  immediately called Vishwanathan, their relative since he is the person who helps everyone in the family in any situation. Vishwanathan knew the phone number of the construction engineer who built the appartment. He called him and said that they were unable to unlock the lock. The construction engineer was seeing the IPL match in the stadium. He said he was busy seeing the match. Vishwanathan said that there were two kids inside the room. The engineer replied that he'll start at once and gave the phone number of a local carpenter. Vishwanathan called the carpenter. Carpenter replied that he was not having the vehicle and said he would come if he comes and take him there. Vishwanthan kick started his bike. Anirudh's face was coming infront of him. Anirudh and Adhithya used to stay in Vishwanathan's home whenever they visited Chennai. Whenever he sees Anirudh, he feels something good. A great face which says answers of many unknown questions. 
                  Meanwhile in Hari's home, Subha sat on the corner with her eyes wide open and it was not blinking. Hari is worried of her too. He knocked the door every now and then to see if their children are knocking back again. If he shows fear, his wife will start to do some thing. He was afraid that she said she would not be alive if  something happened to their children. So he looked cool and encouraged Subha saying not to cry. He said, "Subha! Look!! It is not your mistake neither their. See. They will be fine. Believe me. Vichu anna has gone to bring the carpenter. What will they do to the maximum? They will cry. Nothing will happen. Our children will be with us. Infact it is my mistake asking the engineer to construct sound proof room." Subha laid down on the lap of Hari. She was still crying. Carpenter came in with Vishwanathan. He saw the lock and said he didn't know the technique of unlocking it. He said he can open it by using drilling machine. He went back to home to take the drilling machine. Hari have knocked the door for 200 times till then. Subha went to prayer room. Hari went to the balcony. Drops started to come out of his eyes. He started to cry. It is difficult for a person to control his emotions.                         
                   Carpenter came back with machinery. The power has gone when the drilling machine was plugged. The engineer came to home by 10:20. He saw the door and pointed out the top corner. He said that the allignment is not proper and that's the reason it was unable to unlock. Vishwanathan said in anger, "Two kids are locked inside. You are saying  about the construction fault. If your kids are locked like this, will you think about constuction fault or think about how to open it. I'm controlling my toungue as a lady is here. Idiot engineer." Power came back. The engineer himself drilled the lock. The door was opened. Adhithya and Anirudh were...

The remaining four eyes - Adhithya, 7 years old - Anirudh, 3 years old
                        Adhithya and Anirudh went to the room after they were asked to do so by their mom. Anirudh saw a push button kind of thing in the lock. He pushed it while entering the room. Adhithya went inside the room and started arranging the books as per timetable. He asked Anirudh to take his timetable. Anirudh is an LKG student. Adhithya taught him how to see timetable. Anirudh was seeing it like how he sees a romantic scene in a television.  After arranging the books, Adhithya said to Anirudh, "Close the door lets switch on the AC. Look how sweated you are." Anirudh did so. Both of them did not know that it was locked. 
                      Adhithya switched on the TV. He put a channel which plays Tamil songs. Anirudh heard some sound from the door and said to his brother, "Adhi. I am hearing some sound from door." Adhi replied, "Appa said even crackers sound will not be heard when closed. We have to say this to appa." Both of them shouted at once, "Appa we are hearing some sound." whenever they hear the knocking sound. 
                      Adhithya saw the clock and said to Anirudh, "Anirudh, see!! Small hand is at 9 and big hand is at 6. We have to sleep now or else mom will scold us." Anirudh realized that he was away from their parents for some time. He started crying. He started to say, "I need mom", continuously. Adhithya too started to fear. The song Why this Kolaveri was being played in the TV. Both started to hum and dance. When the song got over, Anirudh again started to say, "I need amma. I need amma." He became sleepy and laid down in the bed. Adhithya took two sarees of his mom from wardrobe and gave one to Anirudh. He started singing the lullaby Kanne Kalaimane, which their mother used to sing. Anirudh slept in the middle of the song and Adhithya slept before finishing the song.
                     In the middle of the sleep, Adhithya heard some strange noise and got up. It came from the door. He woke up Anirudh. Both went to door and saw it in fear. He saw a strange man opening the door in a forceful manner. 
The ten eyes together
                    Subha came and picked her two sons and kissed them. Adhithya said, "Amma, Anirudh didn't sleep at first. I sang Kanne Kalaimane and then he slept." She found his mother wheezing and asked, "Wheezing ah ma?" Anirudh said to his dad  innocently, " Ulla satham ketudhu(I heard some sound inside)". Hari's father came from his room and said, "We have done Mrithinjaya homam here. Nothing bad will happen. Go and sleep. Engineer, what have you built. Because of Mrithunjaya homam, my grandchildren are safe. You engineers can make mistake. Not Mrithinjaya Devi" Vishwanathan laughed hearing these from Hari's father. Vishwanathan saw Anirudh in his usual smiling face. He became relaxed and went back to his home.

                    Two days later, Adhithya went to the bedroom in anger and locked from inside. Subha opened the door with keys. Adhithya showed his chin. She slapped him. Adhithya cried and said, "On the other day you kissed..... Today you are"  Subha laughed and kissed him.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


சுவாச கோளாறு
முடிவுரைக்கு முன்னுரையாக

பெயர்த்தி தோளில்
பல்லில்லா சிரிப்பு
முடிவுரையின் பொருளுரைக்கு
முதல் வரியாக

வண்ண வண்ண மாத்திரைகள்
என்னவளின் போதனைகள்
பெயர்த்தியவள் பதிலறியா கேள்விகள்
மகனோடு மகிழுந்து பயணங்கள்
காலை நடைபயிற்சியில் நண்பர்கள்
தினமும் மாலை கோவில்கள்
அவ்வப்போது சிகிச்சைகள்
என முடிவுரையே
ஆயிரம் பக்கங்கள்

இன்னும் பக்கங்கள் ஆயிரம் வேண்ட
காகித பற்றாகுறையோ
இறைவன் வைத்தான்
முடிவுரைக்கு முற்றுபுள்ளி...