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The Billiards Girl

Chapter 1: The foundation

                              One hundred girls gathered in the hall. All between the ages 18 to 25. It was an interview for sale girls to work in Dubai. 
                              "Good morning girls. Welcome to this grand interview. You people are going to have international exposure. From the part of small dots in the world to experience something different. All supermarkets, food courts, hospitals, companies everyone need Philippines Girls over there. That is all because of people who have gone before you. They have rendered their work with full satisfaction and you will be paid 2000 UAE Dirhams per month. There many Filipinos do part time jobs and earn a lot as well. We are going to select 50 people out of you for 8 different companies Dunkin Donuts, McDonald, Carrefour, Pizza Hut, Subway, KFC, Texas Chicken and Zoom. We want people who are good at English and good looking. We shortlisted you hundred people from many. In today's interview, we are going to select 50 of you. And you will be leaving in couple of weeks. All the best. Get ready to exploit.", said the person in the hall.
                               The interview process went on for three hours. People came back to their seats and were waiting for the result. The person came and started to read out the names "Anlayn- Zoom, Cocha - Zoom,..". He read out 49 names and everyone wanted their name to be the fiftieth. He announced the name, "Lisa - Dunkin Donuts." Lisa, 22 year old from a poor family. What she had is school education and English. She worked in a beauty parlor in Manila for 6000 Peso. A chance had come to earn approximately 20000 peso per month. They would be providing free accommodation and food. She was very happy as she could support her family well financially. 
                              Lisa started to get ready to go to Dubai. She never had been away from her parents. She had to leave them for the first time. The day came. She boarded the flight for the first time. The 49 co-selected Filipinos boarded with her. Ice was broken already among them since they used to talk with each other after the selection process. Lisa was going to share her accommodation with Lina, Sara and Presty since they were to go to same food court for work.
They reached the airport and to the accommodation. International City- China Cluster. The cheapest decent accommodation people can get in Dubai.

Chapter 2: The Donuts Girl

                               First day of Lisa in the Donuts shop. Lisa was a beautiful girl. The makeover of her made her even more beautiful. The Black T shirt of Dunkin donuts made her look more sexy. She started to like the city and the job. People started to come in more numbers just to see her. The food court was located in a petrol bunk. The business of the petrol bunk doubled. The Donuts shop saw a huge turn over in a single month. 

                               She went out for the weekend with their room mates to the nearby mall in Mirdif. There were lots of Filipinos in the mall. She already saw more Filipinos in the work time. Her room mates already got boy friends for them. The boy friends of her room mates also came to mall. Letting them roam together, Lisa went to the movie. People who seated near were also Filipinos. She wanted to acquaint with them and started to talk with them. She came to know that they work on the massage center in the same place where she resides,
                               "I use to see lots of massage center cards hanged on my room door daily with nude Filipino girls photo on them. Are all massage centers like this? Do you do sex jobs in the name of massage centers?". asked Lisa.
                               "Shut up and see the movie. Do what you have given money for.", replied one of the girls.
                                Lisa was upset with what she had said. She continued to watch the movie.

                                Suddenly her neighbor said, "Necessity."
                                "What?", asked Lisa.
                                "Necessity", replied her again.
                                "How much do you earn?"
                                "2000 AED a month", she replied.
                                "I make 5000 AED a month."
                                "Are you ashamed of selling your body?"
                                "Where do you work?"
                                "Dunkin Donuts."
                                "Are you the manager there?"
                                "No, sales girl."
                                "Lots of men come there. Is it?"
                                "Did you ever say that no one have seen you in a sex point of view?"
                                "I never mind that while I work."
                                "People use your beauty to sell their product. I am selling my body. That is the difference."
                               "Shut your mouth. You bitch.", shouted Lisa and walked out of the theater.
                               Next week Lisa went to Bur Dubai to get her a new mobile. She got frustrated by seeing most of the sluts standing in the streets are Filipinos. She was worried that the people felt that all the Filipino girls are sluts.
                                Eight months passed by. She continued to work for Dunkin Donuts. A call came from Manila that her brother passed away. Lisa then became the bread winner of the family. She started to work overtime to earn more money.
                                Some days after,
                                "Paul! I just got call from my mom. She needs 10000 Peso. It is very urgent and I don't have money right now. I have to send it through Western Union. Could you please give me 1000 AED? I will give it back to you by lending money from my friends."
                                "I don't have money, Lisa. 1000 AED during 28th of month."
                                "Do you know anyone in the friends circle who can lend me money?"
                                "I don't know someone who can give 1000 AED during last week of the month. But I have an idea. The manager comes here to collect the sales money only on 2nd of next month. We shall take money from the collection. You can keep back back the money once you get your salry this 30th."
                                "That was wrong."
                                "You are not going to run away with the money. You are going to keep it back. "
                                "I don't feel this is correct."
                                "The choice is yours."
                                Lisa called all her friends. She was not able to get the money from them as well. Since there were no other options, she decided to take the money from shop. She took and transferred the amount to her mom.
                                Next day, when Lisa was about to close the shop, the surprise inspector came in. He started to check the collection box. Before he started to count, Lisa interrupted him.
                               "Sir, I took thousand Dirhams from the collection since I had to send it to my mom for an emergency."
                              "How dare you can take the money?"
                              "I will keep it back when I get the salary tomorrow."
                              "Yeah. You can keep it back tomorrow and get out of Dunkin Donuts and never comeback. You can't be a sales girl in any other entities in United Arab Emirates. Get out of here after paying back 1000 AED tomorrow."
                             "Sir, sorry. It was not intentional."
                             "No more arguments. Book your tickets to Philippines.", said the inspector and went away.
                             Paul came near Lisa and said, "Sorry Lisa. I never thought this would happen. I am so sorry. Thanks you did not say to inspector that it was my idea."
                            "Never mind, Paul. I am leaving. Bye.", said Lisa and walked out of the shop.
                            She searched for job couple of weeks but was not able to find one. She was only belief to her family and she did not want to go back without a job as well. The wait went to two months and she did not get a job. She was asked to move out of the apartment as well. When she came out of the house, she saw a massage center card. She dialed the number printed in the card.
                            "Hi Sir. How can we help you, Sir?", asked the lady.
                            "Hi. I want to come there in direct. May I know where is it located?"
                            "Cluster B 23, mam.", replied the lady.

Chapter 3: Slut

                           Lisa reached the massage center. The lady inside came and said, " Hi Mam. For ladies, it is 6 to 8 PM. Please come back tomorrow, mam. This is peak business hours for men."
                           Lisa realized that the lady was the same who she talked with in the movie theater. She repled, "I did not come as a client. I came here to seek for employment."
                           "It is not as easy as you think. We just don't do massage. We even sleep with the people in the name of massage parlor. Literally it is prostitution center. Why do you join here. There are hell lot of respectful jobs outside?", asked her.
                           "Necessity.", replied Lisa.
                           The lady realized that she was the one from theater. She called the Lebanese owner and said about Lisa. The owner came and sat near Lisa.
                           "What is your name darling?", asked the owner.
                           "Your name as sexy as you. You are so sexy. You don't work here in this parlor. I have a billiards club over in Deira. You can work there. 3500 Dirhams a month and 200 Dirhams per each customer. If you can get 2 customers a day, you can end up in salary of 9500 Dirhams a month. You can join tomorrow. Do you have accommodation?"
                          "No. But with this income, I can find my own."
                          "Good. Get ready baby. No need of these dress from tomorrow during work. Ha ha. Lucky customers of mine."
                           Lisa was given a violet dress in her first day. She was pretty and every customer's attention went on her. Seeing people's attention over her, the Lebanese owner raised her price to 5000 Dirhams. Still she had three customers in the first day. People use to have intercourse with her in the billiards table. 
                           Lisa earned 12700 Dirhams in her first month. Everyone sought for her. She became the most wanted slut of the club. The club owner raised her price to 8000 Dirham per hour seeing her popularity. Lisa bought a car in couple of months. She even started to go home of the customers in the weekends for a huge price. She wanted to earn a lot of money. Only that was going in her mind. She used to sell her instead of using it to sell others product. Lisa became a common name among rich men. They had to wait for eight months in advance booking if they had to sleep with her in their home. Some people wanted that privacy. They did not want to show up that they are sex longing morons by going to parlors and clubs. She took twenty five thousand Dirhams for home visit and the club owner gave her 25% share for what she earned. Her price in the bar went to fourteen thousand Dirhams.  She bought a home for her in Philippines and her family moved to the new home with what she earned in just five months. She said to the family that she got a respectful job  and the salary is huge.

Chapter 4: Emergence of the billiards girl

                           Lisa had a desire of playing billiards. She not just wanted to sleep with men on the board. She started to learn the the game. She started to come early to the club. She used to play billiards from 4 to 8 PM before going into her regular business. She mastered in the game of billiards as well. There came the moment when her coach also was not to defeat her in at least one board. She liked the game of billiards very much. One of her client came by 7:30 and Lisa was playing billiard then. The client wanted to play billiards with her.
                          "Hey Lisa. I wanna play billards with you."
                          "Ten thousand Dirhams for five matches.", replied Lisa.
                          "Don't worry. Even if I lose a single match, you can fuck me for free."
                          "Ooh. Ooh. Come on Lisa. Lemme hit you for free."
                         The match started and Lebanese owner started to watch the match. Lisa won all the five boards. The client tried it again for 5 more matches and lost again. He tried it again for 6 more instances and lost all the 30 boards. Lebanese owner got an idea of it. He discussed it with Lisa.
                         "Lisa. I got an idea."
                         "What Omar?"
                         "More money out of you and more money for you. Yeah. I am going to make you billiards girl."
                         "Pay Ten thousand Dirhams. Win the billiards board and sleep with Lisa for free or fuck Lisa for Twenty five Dirhams. What do you say, Lisa."
                         Lisa lighted the cigar and replied," Great idea Omar so that I can raise my weekend home delivery for forty thousand. Thank you for making me richer day by day."
                         Lisa became famous throughout. The club earned more money so did Lisa. Billiards Girl became more famous and there were only three instances Lisa lost out of thousands of matches in four years. She built a bungalow in Philippines and in Dubai as well. She said to her family that she was doing cosmetic business and was earning more money. The poor family believed her words. Out of the three matches she lost one was against the world champion who was also her customer. He fought hard to defeat her in the particular match. 
                         One day when she came out of club after business, one young Filipino lady ran to her and shouted, "You bitch. Because of people like you, everyone thinks all Filipino girls are sluts. Stop spreading your legs for money. Stop plating bad colors to our flag and bad name to our country. You bitch."
                         "Necessity.", replied Lisa.
                         The Filipino girl said, "What necessity bitch?", splat on her face and walked away.
                         Lisa continued her job and the words of the Filipino girl struck her well on the mind. It came to her mind like a voice recorded in tape every now and then.  Five years since Lisa came to Dubai and she started for the vacation to her home.

Chapter 5: The Billiards Girl

                          Lisa reached Manila. Two years since she been there. She went to her bungalow in the city outskirts. Two days later, she saw a news in the newspaper about national selection for billiards for world championship. Her inner being wanted her to go and participate and she started to the venue.
                          She went to the venue and said to the selector over there, "Sir, I wish to represent our country. Please add my name as well."
                           "Hey lady. This is not a joke. Only national players can participate in this event."
                           "I have experience of playing billiards of over five years in the clubs."
                           "This is not a club. Please leave and don't waste our time."
                           "Challenge Sir. Ask every one here to play with me. If anyone of them beat me, I will give five million Peso to you. But if I win all the matches, you have to select me."
                           "Ha, ha. This young lady has desire to make me rich. Why should I stop then? Chance is a chance. Let start."
                           Lisa defeated everyone easily. The selector was amazed at her skills. She got a brilliant talent. He selected Lisa for world championship.
                           "Where were you before? Why did you come here all of the sudden? With this talent, you definitely will win the world championship. Why you do all these all of a sudden?", asked the selector.
                          "Necessity. Necessity for this Billiard girl to do something good for Philippines."
                          "Good. I want girls like you. Get ready for the championship."
                          Lisa once again came to Dubai. This time to play in Billiards board. The World Billiards Championship at Dubai. Lisa's first round is against defending champion. Lisa fought a lot and won at last.The newspapers started to write as the emergence of Filipino billiards girl to rule the world. Lisa became happy and she went on to win the semi-finals. 

                         Seeing her photo on the newspaper, her old friends form the club, Lebanese owner, Paul, her old room mates and the massage parlor girl came to see the match. The indoor stadium was filled Filipino supporters. They were happy to see one representing their country winning millions of hearts. Lisa felt proud seeing Philippines flags throughout. She won against her counterpart easily. She became the world champion. She saw the faces of people waving their national flag happily. She thought of the worlds the Filipino girl outside the club.
                          Omar went to the hotel where Lisa stayed. He said he was very happy to see her in this respectful position and also said that his turnover would not be as high as she was world champion and no more the billiards girl in the club then.
                          Lisa replied, "Time has gone Omar. The time when I licked the balls of the men in the billiards board are gone. Time had come to hit the billiards ball. Thanks for giving me chance to work in your club or else I would not have discovered a billiards girl in me."
                          Omar hugged Lisa and went back.
                           Next day the Filipino girl who scolded Lisa saw her with the world championship trophy and felt proud of her nation. She forgot the face of club girl then.
 Note: The story is purely fictional. The player in the photo Shanelle Loraine is for depiction purpose and it is not a biography of her.