Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My love Nithya

Chennai. The calender showed 23 December 2011.

The 8 to 9.30 AM road traffic from West Mambalam to Ambatur Industrial Estate, with the size of the roads quartered for the recent metro project and the enormous number of vehicles, is a roller coaster ride without safety belts for everyone. No cars in the road is without a scratch and some even misshaped. A 50 cm gap is enough for bikes to pass through. The worst case is for pedestrians. Bikes will not worry to go through pedestrian walks if it finds a 50 cm gap even there. Auto drivers will feel as if they are cousins of Fernando Alonso. From person who walks to person who goes in car, the probability of a mishap is not zero. Schools are closed for Christmas vacation, so the probability is in lesser side.The other good thing is the number of drunken drivers will be very less in this time due to the time constraints.

8:42 AM Vadapalani Signal, the signal towards Anna Nagar is showing red. In the gap of 75 seconds, the vehicles accumulated for 350 metres. The two wheelers made it to first few rows with whichever 50 metres it got. A bunch of cars and new addition to the city share autos, local buses with 300% occupancy were waiting for display counter to turn 5. Display turned 5, the two wheelers in the front row started to produce sound coming out of acceleration. When it showed 1, few rows of the bikes already vanished. When it turned green, other vehicles started to march forward.

8:43:27 AM Exactly 632 metres from signal, an auto trying to overtake its half brother Ace Magic in the gap to its left side. The ace which already started to move towards left was unable to control and the driver pressed accelerator instead of brakes. It hit a moving two wheeler very hard. The guy who is driving the two wheeler is thrown away and his neck directly hit steel rod kept for construction of metro rail project. One end of the rod came out through other side of the neck. The person is died for sure. People surrounded in few seconds. And the doctor who came out of his Volkswagen Polo confirmed that the guy is dead.

8:47:28 AM A person in the crowd came forward to know who he is from whatever clue he can get. He is wearing an ID card having his name Santhosh and his company name HCL Technologies. It also had his blood group A +ve which is of no use as he is dead. His mobile phone would have fallen down at the moment he was flying and no glimpses of mobile nearby. It should be having somebody's sim card by now. He opened the wallet. He saw a young lady's photo of the same age of him, photos of Ilaiyaraja and Sachin Tendulkar and Rs.260. He also found a new saree in a cover.

Santhosh is unable to understand where he is. He remembers some force that threw him somewhere and a few moments of black screen. When black screen became a colour picture, he saw a group of differently dressed people. When they came closer, he came to know it should be Yamadarmaraja and his crew. It is the duty of Vichithragupta to ask three things a person will miss after death. Some finished their turn and Santhosh's turn came.

Santhosh started to say three things he will miss. Yama wanted a countdown feel so he asked Santhosh to start from 3 to 1. Santhosh started

3. Yama. Do you know Ilaiyaraja? Do you know the song Kanne kalaimane, Janani Janani? Whenever I heard his music, I felt like dying out of excessive happiness. You know what? I felt divinity through his music. I luckily got tickets for his next live concert. My first chance to meet my God of music. Yama atleast you could have waited till the first song of the show.

2.Do you know cricket? Do you know Sachin Tendulkar? Do you know the desert storm? I cried when he scored 100 and took India to the finals. Do you get Star Cricket here? He is one short of his hundredth century. Do you know what? The whole India is waiting for the magical moment from the God of cricket. I am waiting for nearly one year for this to happen. He has nearly 15 matches in next three months and I'm sure he will hit his 100th in Australia. Do you know? I have created a 100 lines paragraph to put as Facebook status praising him on that moment. You could have waited till that moment.

1. The tone of the voice became very low when he said one. " Nithya. The angel in my life. My wife. We married four months back. She made me a man. Do you know? Before she came into my life, I was.. I was... nothing. I wanted to make her smile the entire life. She will be crying now seeing me dead. You made me the reason to make her cry. Is that good?" Santhosh continued, "You know how encouraging she was. When she smiles, I feel like heaven." His voice went up suddenly "This is not a heaven. This is not a fucking heaven."

He calmed down and started in a polite way "One can spend an entire day seeing her eyebrows . You know what? Her eyebrows will reflect the mood of her. The eyebrows made me love her." Tears started to come out. He was not able to deliver the words clearly. Though he continued "I scolded her two days back when she started to Madurai since she was not wearing modern dress to the party previous day. She replied that modernization made money the first spouse of everyone. How true she was! I wanted to ask her sorry for that when she comes back. I was on the way to pick her from bus stand. I even brought her a saree which she likes the most." Words are not coming out of his mouth clearly. "You could have waited atleast 20 minutes. I would have said a sorry to my Nithya."

Entire heaven went silence. Yama who was sarcastic at the beginning, took the hands of Santhosh and said let you go back tooooooo

Today 14.10.2007 8:30 A.M

Eshwar gave a hit on the back of sleeping Santhosh. "Santhosh. It is already 8:30. Get up. If you go even a minute late that Theory of structures professor will mark absent." Santhosh suddenly woke up and replied, "Dude! I had a beautiful dream."
Eshwar: What happened?
Santhosh : I died.
Eshwar: What? You died! How can it be a beautiful dream?
Santhosh: Nithya, our classmate! She is my wife!! You know what? This dream made me to love her. I am really in love with her.
Eshwar: Our Rajesh Koothrapally in love. Hey I don't know the reason how people get best looking girls in the dream, that too as wife. I have our buckets queued in bathroom. Lets go.


Santhosh is a guy who never spoke to any girl in the class. He never felt about Nithya before. Why should the dream had Nithya as his wife? The way he had expressed his feelings for her in the dream went through his mind. His eyes which never turned towards the rows where girls sat, is seeing Nithya. When she smiled, he smiled. When she coughed, he got disturbed. He was just seeing the eyebrows of Nithya and smiled within himself for the entire session.

11:15 AM Interval

Santhosh straight away went to Nithya who is waiting for her friends outside the classroom. The guy who never saw a girl's face from his class except in photographs went to her. He is running out of words. His way of speaking is straight forward and it does not have twists and turns like his dreams. He wanted to say Nithya his love.

"Hey Nithya." "Hi Santhosh! You have spoken to me finally in this two and a half years" replied her. "Nithya! You know what?" started Santhosh. "What?" replied her. Santhosh is very weak in expressing things. He knows that too. So he never wanted an interruption even from Nithya. He answered, "Nithya, that You know what? is not a question. Its a way of expressing. Please let me speak so that I can completely express what I feel. " Nithya smiled at him. Suddenly the words started to come better than the best romantic heros do. "Last night I had a dream. You were my wife in it. You know what? You and me really made a beautiful pair. Everyone wanted to be like us. Everyone! Starting from an ordinary man to Yamadharmaraja!!" He paused to see in the time of exclamation. His eyes went to her eyebrows. Her eyebrows expressed that she wanted him to speak. He can feel a romantic number of Ilaiyaraja is running through her as each word came out. He continued to pour his love not taking his eyes out of her eyebrows, "You and I cared for each other very well. That dream made me to love you. I feel my life will be complete only with you. You know what made me to love you? Your eyebrows. I was just seeing them in the entire morning session. Even now!! " She smiled. "I want to see you smile throughout the life. Whenever you smile, I can feel a spark in my nervous system. Nithya! Please give me a chance to see your eyebrows the entire life. Don't feel that I'm thinner than you. I enrolled in the gym nearby. We will definitely make a great pair. " Silence prevailed for ten seconds.

Nithya asked, "Have you completed your expressive speech?". "Not expressive as your eyebrows." replied Santhosh. Nithya just smiled for few seconds and went to her seat in the class.

Eshwar was seeing this conversation from outside without their knowledge and he understood the YES in that smile. He came to Santhosh and said sarcastically,"Maverick Gym!! Love because of a dream!! Why can't you say you died in the dream?". "Hey! I said about Yama" said Santhosh. Eshwar smiled and hugged him.